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ipaccess-config: Investigate if possible to get OML_IP currently set in nanobts

Added by pespin 19 days ago. Updated 18 days ago.

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Currently, one can set the OML IP config in a nanotbts by running "ipaccess-config --oml-ip". However, in order to have nanobts use the new value one must restart the nanobts after setting it (by using -r parameter in ipaccess-config). There's however no way to get the current value set in the nanobts.

In order to speed up osmo-gsm-tester tests using a nanobts (by aprox 2 minutes each), it would be really handy to be able to somehow get current value being used for OML_IP in a nanobts. That's because the BSC IP addr can change per test basis, and then we always need to make sure the OML IP is set correctly by:
  • Powering on nanobts (and waiting for it with abisip-find)
  • Setting the new OML IP and rebooting the nanobts
  • Waiting again for it to be available with abisip-find (which can take around 2 minutes).

If we can get the OML IP, we can check if the OML IP is the same we are currently using for our BSC, then avoid rebooting it unnecessarily and avoid loosing 2 minutes waiting for nanobts to powercycle.

This task is about investigating whether fetching this information from nanobts is possible, and in case it is, implementing it in ipacces-config or abisip-find.

nanobts-get-attr.pcap nanobts-get-attr.pcap 386 Bytes laforge, 10/03/2018 03:00 PM


#1 Updated by laforge 19 days ago

Should be possible rather simply, IMHO. Just use NM_MT_IPACC_GET_NVATTR
rather than NM_MT_IPACC_SET_NVATTR and request

Attaching a pcap file that can be used as an example/template. It was
taken back in 2009 when we were fist playing with nanoBTss.

#2 Updated by roox 18 days ago

ipaccess-telnet could also be used to get the current OML_IP

echo "db::getprimaryomlipaddr" | ipaccess-telnet 3210 | perl -nle 'print "$1" if (/Primary OML IP Address: ([\d.]*)/)'

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