Feature #3774

implement GSUP messages for inter-MSC handover

Added by neels 21 days ago. Updated 3 days ago.

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For #3618 I need GSUP messages:

- definition in gsup.adoc
- implementation of decoding and encoding
- rudimentary message tests

so that I can just go on and use them when I'm ready.


Related issues

Related to OsmoHLR - Bug #3793: GSUP message routing for inter-MSC handoverIn Progress2019-02-08


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#2 Updated by osmith 18 days ago

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#3 Updated by osmith 15 days ago

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WIP branch is osmith/gsup-msc-ho at libosmocore.git.

#4 Updated by osmith 14 days ago

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  • Checklist item osmo-gsm-manuals.git patch submit to gerrit added
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  • Related to Bug #3793: GSUP message routing for inter-MSC handover added

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This will take a bit until it gets merged (and then the other steps in the checklist follow), as neels wrote in gerrit:

In general, I would like to keep this patch unmerged before I have osmo-msc's inter-MSC HO pretty much complete and working. Likely more insights and needs about the protocol will arise from chiseling out the details. But it would be nice to continue the review process nevertheless; just not merge it yet (so we don't need to worry about api compat later).

#7 Updated by osmith 3 days ago

  • Checklist item TTCN3: update GSUP_Types.ttcn added

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