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Cellular Network Infrastructure - Bug #4069: Implement IPA PING/PONG mechanism everywhere

Implement IPA PING/PONG mechanism on RSL and OML

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Let's make sure the RSL and OML links use the IPA PING/PONG mechanism to the BTSs and disconnect if no PONG is received. the interval and timeout should ideally be user(vty)-configurable. It might be that the actual code has to reside in libosmo-abis, not in OsmoBSC itself. Keep in mind that classic E1 BTSs don't have IPA or TCP.


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@Hoernchen already submitted a patch here:

I've fixed what was mentioned in the review and tested it. ping/pong shows up properly in wireshark, however, when disconnecting the BTS, it segfaults.

Tested with this config in osmo-bsc.cfg (with short timeout and interval on purpose):

  e1_line 0 ipakeepalive 1 2

I'll look more into it, and also look into TTCN-3 testing.

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Segfault is resolved, patch refactored after reviews. Tests remain to be implemented.

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