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Testing the 3G Osmocom Network without a Femto Cell

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Hello all,

I am unable to broadcast in my country due to legal reasons, so I was wondering if it was possible to test the network without using a femto cell. I do have a bladeRF available, but I cannot use it due to my country's laws.

I was thinking of trying to generate my own cell traffic and connecting it to the port of the HNBGW, but I'm unsure of where to start with that, as there isn't a lot of info on how packets with 3G protocols are exactly formatted.

Any leads are appreciated!


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[...] there isn't a lot of info on how packets with 3G protocols are exactly formatted.

Feel free to play with Qualcomm (or any other modems) like [1][2]. You can get quite detailed 2G/3G/4G protocol traces from them. Of course, it's not the network side, but at least you won't break the laws and would learn some basics.


Also, you can still use SDR (not sure about bladeRF) to run something like OpenBTS-UMTS [3] (this is not an Osmocom project) and deliver RF signals over cables. Or in the Faraday cage ;)


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Thank you! I'll take a look at these links.

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Hello again,

I'm thinking of trying the Faraday cage method. Does anyone have recommendations of products to use or how to build one? There are several products I'm looking at on such as this one:

Would something like this fully contain 3G signals? Or could I perhaps just use aluminum foil? I'm thinking about building a small box for the cell phones and HNB, and then coating the room in aluminum foil.

Thank you for reading.

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