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Document user plane handling with BSC+MSC co-located OsmoMGW, Osmux, and outlook

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I erased previous task #2909 by error. Recreating.

We need some kind of documentation on how the new, OsmoMGW-enabled user plane domain looks like.  This includes the BSC-colocated OsmoMGW as well as the MSC-colocated OsmoMGW, as well as details on the use of MGCP between the respective call agents and MGW instances.

Non-exhaustive list of topics to include:
* message sequence charts
* diagrams showing netwokr elemetns and control + user plane relationships
* dynamic endpoint allocation
* outlook on re-integrated support for E1 BTS
* name MGCP/MGW related config parameters in BSC and MSC config
* outlook on Osmux re-integration
* interaction between MNCC signaling and user plane at MSC
* outlook on IuUP

This is not really a user manual of a given single network element, but a document that describes the relation between the respective elements.  Individual sections/chapters could possibly be reused/included into the BSC/MGW/MSC user manuals, but let's have a look at this after having a draft of that document.

Let's also make sure we use any existing bits and pieces from the osmo-mgw manuals (and the ladder diagrams I created there), as well as the wiki and possibly any not-yet-public ladder diagrams dexter might have created in recent months.

Related issues

Related to OsmoMGW - Feature #2551: generalization of OSMUX support in osmo-mgwResolved10/06/2017


#1 Updated by pespin 14 days ago

Documented the MGCP/OsmoMGW specific part in here:

  • Add some shared section in OsmoBSC, OsmoMSC manuals (and maybe osmux reference manual too) to show with flow diagrams how calls work, with AoIP and with SCCPlite. Can use [1] as a source for the diagrams.
  • Add BSC specific section explaining how to configure it with VTY and adding BSC related considerations
  • Add MSC specific section explaining how to configure it with VTY and adding MSC related considerations


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  • Related to Feature #2551: generalization of OSMUX support in osmo-mgw added

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I started the Osmux "network-wide" documentation in here:

#5 Updated by pespin about 18 hours ago

More work done on osmux documentation in pespin/osmux branch mentioned above. I did some clean up and provided packet flow diagrams on 3 different network setups:
  • AoIP
  • SCCPLite

Also available in: Atom PDF

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