Bug #4129

sysmocell-5k: Add suport for smart power socket and ccli gsm.unlock

Added by pespin over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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So far sysmocell-5K has always been on. We manually start it, then manually run command "ccli" and inside we run "gsm.unlock". Then tests can run and we leave it like that forever.
However, it was recently spotted that after using it (BTS attached to its TRX process) and finishing using it after the test (BTS stops and it's no longer connected), the sysmocell-5k TRX process keeps sending IND CLOCK to the BTS host, and most important, keeps transmitting, adding noise to other BTS which may be running tests (SYS#4599).

So we should:
  • Add some osmo_trx attriubte in osmo-gsm-tester conf to specify a smart socket to turn on/off (similar to what we already do in other BTS).
  • Add some osmo_trx attribute to indicate the RF should be unlocked. May want to add a generic class, and implement a subclass with "type" attribute. Implemented in this case by connecting to ssh running "ccli", then sending "gsm.unlock\nexit\n"
  • Upon test finishing, implement in the same class a rf.lock() function which does same but with "gsm.lock()". This one is not needed if we are anyway turning off the board after each test.


#1 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

i know it sounds more like a hack: But why not simply configure it to an ARFCN that's
non-overlapping with any of the ARFCNs used by other BTSs in the tester? That way
it would not be possible to cause any interference.

It probably doesn't match the 'arfcn allocation' / resource concept, but it might
actually be less work in terms of having to do development for something that doesn't
really improve the Osmocom code and is hence only a 'distraction'?

#2 Updated by pespin over 1 year ago

  • Priority changed from High to Low

Done so far as Harald suggested: Use different ARFCN for sysmocell-5k

I'll keep this ticket opened but change its priority to low.

#3 Updated by pespin about 1 year ago

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  • % Done changed from 0 to 90

Support for smart power socket introduced here:

Once merged, this ticket can be closed.

#4 Updated by pespin about 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved
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Merged, closing.

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