Bug #4282

ttnc3-sip-test{,-latest} fail since 2019-11-24

Added by osmith about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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The bug relates to changes in osmo-ttcn3-hacks.git, where several commits where merged over the weekend. With older commit 26cd244, everything is still working. I'm currently running a bisect script to find the commit that broke it.


#1 Updated by osmith about 1 year ago

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06b859ca314f53a902329ed95848dbafef1d4f87 is the first bad commit

commit 06b859ca314f53a902329ed95848dbafef1d4f87
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <>
Date:   Tue Nov 12 01:23:04 2019 +0100

    msc: add sdp to MNCC

    SDP is added to the MNCC protocol in osmo-msc
    This patch adds SDP to the ttcn3 MNCC messaging.

    These changes still work with current osmo-msc master that doesn't send SDP /
    ignores received SDP in MNCC.

    Change-Id: Ic9568c8927507e161aadfad1a4d20aa896d8ae30

#2 Updated by osmith about 1 year ago

This appears to be the problem, it does not happen when using the previous osmo-ttcn3-hacks.git commit.


mncc.c:936 Reconnected to /data/unix/mncc
mncc.c:961 MNCC rcvd message type: MNCC_SOCKET_HELLO
mncc.c:841 Got hello message version 5
mncc.c:961 MNCC rcvd message type: MNCC_SETUP_IND
mncc.c:477 gsm_mncc of wrong size 1860 vs. 836

So osmo-sip-connector can't handle additional data at the end of the MNCC packets, while OsmoMSC ignores them.

#3 Updated by osmith about 1 year ago

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I have the tests working locally again, after patching out the "wrong size" check in osmo-sip-connector (not sure if right approach, I'll discuss with Neels) and after fixing the tr_ templates, so they will match again:

13:15:27.516387 5 SIP_Tests.ttcn:219 Message enqueued on MNCC from SIP_Test-MNCC(3) @MNCC_Types.MNCC_PDU : {
    msg_type := MNCC_RTP_CONNECT (517),
    u := {
        rtp := {
            callref := 5001,
            ip := 0,
            rtp_port := 0,
            payload_type := 0,
            payload_msg_type := 0,
            sdp := "0" 
} id 3
13:15:27.516604 5 SIP_Tests.ttcn:221 Matching on port MNCC .u.rtp.sdp := "0" with "" unmatched: First message in the queue does not match the template: 

WIP branch: osmith/fix-sipcon (osmo-ttcn3-hacks.git, osmo-sip-connector.git)

#4 Updated by osmith about 1 year ago

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Patches submitted:

This will make it work with osmo-sip-connector from master. It doesn't seem worth it to also make it work with -latest, because then we would need to have another set of templates and a configuration switch to use them instead of the new ones.

#5 Updated by osmith about 1 year ago

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#6 Updated by osmith 12 months ago

Harald said in the meeting, that we won't make new releases of current master just to get the TTCN-3 tests working again. So I've prepared a patch release on top of the last release for osmo-sip-connector, that just adds the two line patch that makes the testsuite work with it again. It's currently in gerrit (same topic as other patches).

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