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hardware setup with OCTSIM attached to a jenkins build slave

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The idea here is to have a sysmoQMOD attached to one designated jenkins build slave (could be the "left APU" in the 19" rack which also runs sim card reader tests? or any other suitable machine?).

Having this unit would allow us to run tests such as the TTCN3 CCID_Tests test suite.

The unit should have
  • dedicated, known SIM cards inserted in all but one slot(so we can execute tests both against present and absent slots)
  • ability to completely power cycle the unit via USB (upstream hub port must support usb power switching)
  • ideally, also a way by which we can press the "DFU" button programmatically to update the SAME54x firmware

Lets try to sort out how we can achieve this in a safe manner. 103 Bytes roh, 01/13/2020 05:47 PM 311 Bytes roh, 01/13/2020 05:47 PM 230 Bytes roh, 01/16/2020 05:55 PM


#1 Updated by roh 10 months ago

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i am not sure if we can put it into the same vm running sim tests via jenkins, but i think it would be good it that works.

there is enough physical space and i'd even move the qmod testsetup for remsimtest next to it.

the major question is what 'switchbox' we want to use for 'pressing the button' and maybe switching (usb) power (may be simpler than syncing up some usbhub with a gpio board)

i am currently leaning to using some usb connected sbc like an arduino with usb-serial cable or such as 'gpio box' but i'll try using the USB-RLY08 board i found in our collection first (acm-serial).
another possibility is to use some serial-usb like cp210x and the flow-control lines for a small number of gpio.

the 'button' should be 'pressed' by a small n-channel fet like a bss138/bs170 or similar controlled by that gpio.

#2 Updated by roh 10 months ago

documentation usb_rly08 board

i have added the ascii representation of the commands for simple lookup/testing


dec     hex    ascii
 56     38     8    Get serial number - returns 8 bytes of ASCII that form the unique serial number for module, I.E "00001543" 
 90     5A     Z    Get software version - returns 2 bytes, the first being the Module ID which is 8, followed by the software version
 91     5B     [    Get relay states - sends a single byte back to the controller, bit high meaning the corresponding relay is powered
 92     5C     \    Set relay states - the next single byte will set all relays states, All on = 255 (11111111) All off = 0
100     64     d    All relays on
101     65     e    Turn relay 1 on
102     66     f    Turn relay 2 on
103     67     g    Turn relay 3 on
104     68     h    Turn relay 4 on
105     69     i    Turn relay 5 on
106     6A     j    Turn relay 6 on
107     6B     k    Turn relay 7 on
108     6C     l    Turn relay 8 on
110     6E     n    All relays off
111     6F     o    Turn relay 1 off
112     70     p    Turn relay 2 off
113     71     q    Turn relay 3 off
114     72     r    Turn relay 4 off
115     73     s    Turn relay 5 off
116     74     t    Turn relay 6 off
117     75     u    Turn relay 7 off
118     76     v    Turn relay 8 off

#3 Updated by roh 9 months ago

script to reliably get an octsim board to dfu without manual intervention using the relay board

#4 Updated by roh 8 months ago

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tested scripts and wiring with a octsim V1 board - works nicely. next is mechanics and figuring out tests.

#5 Updated by roh 8 months ago

mechanics good enough (in cardboard box)

this is octsim V1 sn#00004

#6 Updated by roh 8 months ago

i think this is a question for hoernchen:
  • which simcards should i add to this system?
  • also i'll need a sshkey from you.

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todo: documentation/wikipage

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