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Updated slides / presentations / videos on setting up Osmocom CNI

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I just realized that since OsmoCon was discontinued after 2018 didn't result in sufficient turn-out, and only the 2017 incarnation contained some entry-level talks, we actually only have introductory level presentations / videos about a setup that still covers OsmoNITB. (

This may or may not be a reason why some people still want to set up OsmoNITB in 2020. While our wiki and user manuals all have deprecated OsmoNITB years ago, people who only look for videos might be mislead.

Also, I'm sure that several other presentation (like the one about 3G / osmo-iuh before the CNI split) would similarly benefit from an update.

So I think we should try to create/update some slide decks and record related lectures / tutorials at some point this year. I wouldn't bother setting up a virtual conference or some kind of remote interaction at this point. Recording some talks and/or screencasts allows us to create and release them one-by-one.

Let's use this issue to first collect a list of topics that we think either need an update, or topics that never have been covered so far.


  • Setting up basic 2G CS network with CNI
  • Setting up basic 3G CS network with CNI
  • Setting up CSFB with SGs


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