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Add BIG FAT error message in case OM2000 BTS fail to start up

Added by laforge 8 months ago.

Ericsson BTS
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I was using the internal XO of a Digium DAHDI E1 card while tryign to bring up my RBS2308, and failed for multiple days to do so.

Intrestingly, the TF ca nbe fully broguht up (enabled / operational), but the failure shows in a very weird way:
  • The TX ENABLE RESULT shows MO State: DISABLED and points to the Attribute Idnetifier: ARFCN TX

This is completely misleading, as the ARFCN number is fully acceptable - it's just that the TRX refuses to come up while timing is not precise.

The only other thing that shows up in a trace is a TF Fault Report with External Condition Map Class 1: 0300.

We should print very descriptive error messags on either of those two events to make sure other people realize that all they have is a bad E1 clock.

(the way how I fixed it is to use a SIU slaved to GPS 1PPS which feeds the clock into one of the 4ports of a Digium Quad-E1, which then uses that port as clock source)

20200703-rbs2k-6.pcap 20200703-rbs2k-6.pcap 190 KB failing case with bad clock laforge, 07/04/2020 07:30 PM
20200703-rbs2k-10.pcap 20200703-rbs2k-10.pcap 38.2 KB successful case with good clock laforge, 07/04/2020 07:30 PM

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