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Increase mounting hole size to support M3 screws

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Current mounting holes are slightly too small for standard M3 standoff screws.


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#2 Updated by mschramm over 1 year ago

as laforge is the author of these holes, I guess there must have been a certain reason for those 2,6mm drills? M2,5 hex or plastic spacer?

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Indeed, this came from space constraints, usual M3 holes won't fit in the respective spots: the drills were designated to hold M2.5 spacer. When doing a volume production run, we will decide on whether we touch the PCB in favour of M3 drills, or pack M2.5 spacer in the kit.

#4 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

IIRC, the problem was that the outer diameter of M3 screws would not have sufficient clearance to all surrounding parts. Changing the SMA locations should not be done, and changing the mounting hole locations also not.

In any case, if we decide to change the mounting holes, we need to change the osmo-clock-conv the same way, as it has identical mounting holes and SMA positions to reuse any enclosure / panel integration.

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