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OM2000 MCTR Support for Ericsson RBS6000 / DUG 20

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Ericsson BTS
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In OM2000, from a certain protocol version onwards, it is possible to configure the MCTR managed object. This is apparently required for "mixed" mode configurations where DUG (GSM) and DUL (LTE) share a single radio.

Despite various attempts by tnt, we are unable to bring the RBS up when using suhc a more modern protocol version. We do have (basic) code for bringing up the MCTR managed object in OsmoBTS, but despite doing everything like in protocol traces of an Ericsson BSC, we cannot get it up + working yet.

So far, we constrain the OM2000 version to an older release (G12R10) and work with a static MCTR configuration (set by the OMT tool). This works fine for "single" GSM-only deployments.

This ticket is about working support of OM2000 MCTR bring-up in OM2000 releases > G12R10.

I have a suspicion that later OM2000 releases may force us to implement PacketAbis/E1 or PacketAbis/IP. At least this appears to be the only difference from the traces we have from working setups to the traces of our own failing attempts.

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Follows OsmoBSC - Feature #4514: OM2000 Support for Ericsson RBS6000 / DUG 20Resolved04/27/2020


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