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I had no idea that this work from May had not undergone some patch submission to gerrit so far.

It should go without saying that we always want to make sure that our work ends up in the master branch, as far as possible.

Please split up in per-feature patches and push them to gerrit. Looking at the code, that could fore xample be:
  • support for LTE RRC
  • getopt parsing
  • SIGINT/SIGTERM handling to close gracefully
  • UMTS RRM gsmtap support (possibly including cell_id tracking)
  • UMTS NAS gsmtap support
  • introduction of diag_instance as first parameter to handle_* functions
  • GSM RR gsmtap support
  • GSM GMM gsmtap support
  • GPRS MAC gsmtap support
  • DIAG I/O fies

In the end, the customer/usage/application specific patch could consist of mainly adding some #ifdefs to disable/enable handling of specific features. That patch can stay in a branch, but all of the general improvements should be merged master.



#1 Updated by Hoernchen 5 months ago

This was not merged at the time because the old master does "stuff" all over the place and I don't know why nor if it can be safely dropped, so I'd just push my branch to master and rename the old master to something else, those parts might still be valuable. Trying to split changes to everything into nice commits probably results in a bunch of non-working patches that look pretty but are useless.

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