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Allow un-powered operation

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Right now, the OpenVizsla always needs to be powered. As soon as power is removed, the communication between host and device breaks down. We received reports that a simple diode can be added at one location in the design to prevenr this problem from happening.

Let's analyze this in detail and decide if the diode change can be applied to "master", or if we have to look for something more sophisticated, avoiding the voltage drop over a diode.

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Unfortunately no real news here yet. - We got an image showing a hand-soldered patch wire from nework "+5V" behind L2 connecting to "targetVBUS" - but no diode visible so far, maybe it's in series to L2 on the (non-imaged) PCBA top side. So this all looks like the unit is powered from the host all the time...? We'll inquire again.

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No news here by now.

#3 Updated by laforge 30 days ago

mschramm wrote:

No news here by now.

well, then maybe ask again the user who requested it :)

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We're going to merge the other solved design improvements and not wait for further details regarding this user requirement. - They came up with another 'problem' (not further specified) which they also solved with a diode, - but no schematics on either detail yet, maybe next week.

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