Bug #5088

osmo_stat_item_get_next doesn't properly count skipped values

Added by osmith about 1 month ago. Updated 15 days ago.

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src/stat_item.c:osmo_stat_item_get_next() is supposed to return the amount of skipped values (see comment describing the function). But this is broken if there is more than one osmo_stat_item involved.

In detail:
  • stats are tracked for a list of osmo_stat_item_group, of which each has a list of osmo_stat_item, of which each has an array of values.
  • The logic to find skipped entries is based on the global current_stat_item_index in stats.c and global_value_id in stats_item.c. Both are shared for all values, items, groups.
  • Whenever a new value is added to any of the osmo_stat_item's values, global_value_id gets increased by one and the id gets assigned to that value.
  • current_stat_item_index stores the last ID that was reported to all attached reporters (e.g. the log reporter, or a statsd instance).
  • In osmo_stat_item_get_next, the diff from current_stat_item_index to the IDs of the first value that is lower than current_stat_item_index, is assumed to be the number of skipped stat values. But if there is more than one osmo_stat_item, the ID may increase by more than one between the values.

I'm working on a fix.

Associated revisions

Revision d3490bc4 (diff)
Added by osmith 17 days ago

stat_item: make next_id argument name consistent

Let osmo_stat_item_get_next, osmo_stat_item_discard,
osmo_stat_item_discard_all consistently refer to their next_id arg as
such (and not idx or next_idx). It refers to an ID (item->values[i].id),
not an index (item->values[i]), and it is always the next one, never the
current one.

Do the same change for index/_idx variables in stats.c, which are used
as arguments to these functions. Replace rd
with next_id_ in
stats_test.c, too.

Related: OS#5088
Change-Id: I5dd566b08dff7174d1790f49abd2d6ac020e120e

Revision 43686dac (diff)
Added by osmith 17 days ago

stat_item: add comment with struct overview

Related: OS#5088
Change-Id: Ic63a5884da778938197c658c5f478c23a85a4587

Revision 61401943 (diff)
Added by osmith 15 days ago

stat_item: make value ids item specific

Fix counting of values missed because of FIFO overflow in
osmo_stat_item_get_next(), by assigning a new item value id effectively
as item->value[n + 1].id = item->value[n].id + 1, instead of increasing
a global_value_id that is shared between all items and groups. With
global_value_id, the count of values missed was wrong for one item, as
soon as a new value was added to another item.

This partially reverts b27b352e ("stats: Use a global index for stat
item values") from 2015, right after stats was added to libosmocore. It
was supposed to make multiple readers (reporters) possible, which could
read independently from stat_item (and later added comments explain it
like that). But this remained unused, stats has implemented multiple
reporters by reading all stat_items once and sending the same data to
all enabled reporters. The patch caused last_value_index in struct
osmo_stat_item to always remain at -1.

Replace this unused last_value_index with stats_next_id, so stats can
store the item-specific next_id in the struct again. It appears that
stats is the only direct user of osmo_stat_item, but if there are
others, they can bring their own item-specific next_id: functions in
stat_item.c still accept a next_id argument.

Related: OS#5088
Change-Id: Ie65dcdf52c8fc3d916e20d7f0455f6223be6b64f

Revision c7930589 (diff)
Added by osmith 15 days ago

stats_test: restore stat_item_get_next asserts

This is a partial revert of b27b352e ("stats: Use a global index for
stat item values"). Now that osmo_stat_item_get_next correctly returns
how many values have been skipped, we can use the accurate asserts on
its return value again.

Fix the initial values of next_id_a,b (1 instead of 0), so we don't get
a skipped value on the first read. This is needed, because b27b352e
refactored osmo_stat_item_get_next to have the next id as parameter
instead of the last read one, and the initial value was not adjusted in
the tests.

Related: OS#5088
Change-Id: I9d4cda2487a62f52361c24058363dfa90e502c63


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Fixed in and following patches.

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