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we don't see the library versions of our osmo-*-master containers

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while looking at the jenkins log file it is currently impossible to see which exact libosmo* was used for this test run.

If the given build job doesn't rebuld the osmo-pcu-master container, we will not see the log lines of package installation and hence not know what is installed.

I think it would be best to add some kind of step like "dpkg -l | grep osmo" (and a similar "rpm -qi" analogy) before starting the related container.

Adding a CMD/ENTRYPOINT for that doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. Maybe we can somehow generalize this int he First start the container once to obtain that information (and terminte), and then start a second time to actually run the IUT?

Another more controversial alternative would of course be to discover this at runtime from within the program (e.g. some "show" command, or printing it at start-up). That would have the advantage that it would also help our users (or us in debugging) in that they would have an easy, distribution/packaging independent way of reporting the exact version of all osmocom libraries and the application when sending bug reports. The problem is that there's no straight-forward way to do that latter part. We would either have to compile the version into the library, so it can be obtained as a global symbol, or we would have to do some extremly clumsy fork()+system() with a dpkg/rpm call, or one to "pkg-config --modversion libosmocore" etc.

If we'd go for any of those "runtime" approaches, then IIRC it would be best to include the version into the compiled library, similar to what we do in the actual application programs. The libraries could then in some constructor register themselves into a global linked list (maintained by libosmocore) containing library name + version number. That list could then be traversed by a "show" command.


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I've implemented it in docker_images_require, which gets called by all ttcn3-*/ scripts.

Example output:

### Installed Osmocom packages in: osmo-mgw-master ###

ii  libosmo-abis-dev:amd64           1.1.1                             amd64        Development headers for A-bis interface
ii  libosmo-netif-dev:amd64          1.1.0                             amd64        Development headers for Osmocom network interface
ii  libosmo-sccp-dev:amd64           1.4.0                             amd64        Development files for libsccp, libmtp and libxua
ii  libosmoabis10:amd64              1.1.1                             amd64        GSM A-bis handling
ii  libosmocodec0:amd64                         amd64        Osmo codec library
ii  libosmocoding0:amd64                        amd64        Osmo coding library
ii  libosmocore                                 amd64        Open Source MObile COMmunications CORE library (metapackage)
ii  libosmocore-dev:amd64                       amd64        Development headers for Open Source MObile COMmunications CORE library
ii  libosmocore17:amd64                         amd64        Osmo Core library
ii  libosmoctrl0:amd64                          amd64        Osmo control library
ii  libosmogb12:amd64                           amd64        Osmo GPRS GB library
ii  libosmogsm16:amd64                          amd64        Osmo GSM utility library
ii  libosmonetif8:amd64              1.1.0                             amd64        Common/shared code regarding network interface for OpenBSC
ii  libosmosim2:amd64                           amd64        Osmo SIM library
ii  libosmotrau2:amd64               1.1.1                             amd64        GSM trau handling
ii  libosmousb0:amd64                           amd64        Osmo USB library
ii  libosmovty9:amd64                           amd64        Osmo VTY library
ii  osmocom-nightly                        amd64        Dummy package, which conflicts with: osmocom-latest osmocom-next
### Installed Osmocom packages in: osmo-mgw-latest-centos8 ###


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