Bug #5119

mgcp_client.c should not assert on unexpected codec name in the input data

Added by neels 6 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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static int add_lco(struct msgb *msg, struct mgcp_msg *mgcp_msg)
    unsigned int i;
    int rc = 0;
    const char *codec;
    unsigned int pt;

    rc += msgb_printf(msg, "L:");

    if (mgcp_msg->ptime)
        rc += msgb_printf(msg, " p:%u,", mgcp_msg->ptime);

    if (mgcp_msg->codecs_len) {
        rc += msgb_printf(msg, " a:");
        for (i = 0; i < mgcp_msg->codecs_len; i++) {
            pt = mgcp_msg->codecs[i];
            codec = get_value_string_or_null(osmo_mgcpc_codec_names, pt);

            /* Note: Use codec descriptors from enum mgcp_codecs
             * in mgcp_client only! */
            OSMO_ASSERT(codec);                                        <------ HERE
            rc += msgb_printf(msg, "%s", extract_codec_name(codec));
            if (i < mgcp_msg->codecs_len - 1)
                rc += msgb_printf(msg, ";");
        rc += msgb_printf(msg, ",");

    rc += msgb_printf(msg, " nt:IN\r\n");

    return rc;

Results in

20210418153207176 DCHAN DEBUG lchan_rtp(0-0-1-TCH_F-0)[0x6120000105a0]{WAIT_MGW_ENDPOINT_AVAILABLE}: state_chg to WAIT_MGW_ENDPOINT_AVAILABLE (lchan_rtp_fsm.c:119)
20210418153207176 DRLL DEBUG MGCP_CONN(msc0-conn1_subscr-IMSI-001019876543210)[0x6120000102a0]{ST_CRCX}: Allocated (fsm.c:461)
20210418153207176 DRLL DEBUG MGCP_CONN(msc0-conn1_subscr-IMSI-001019876543210)[0x6120000102a0]{ST_CRCX}: is child of mgw-endp(msc0-conn1_subscr-IMSI-001019876543210)[0x612000010420] (fsm.c:491)
20210418153207176 DRLL DEBUG MGCP_CONN(msc0-conn1_subscr-IMSI-001019876543210)[0x6120000102a0]{ST_CRCX}: Received Event EV_CRCX (mgcp_client_fsm.c:636)
20210418153207176 DRLL DEBUG MGCP_CONN(msc0-conn1_subscr-IMSI-001019876543210)[0x6120000102a0]{ST_CRCX}: MGW/CRCX: creating connection on MGW endpoint:rtpbridge/*@mgw... (mgcp_client_fsm.c:221)
Assert failed codec ../../../../src/osmo-mgw/src/libosmo-mgcp-client/mgcp_client.c:1121
backtrace() returned 38 addresses

Apparently an incorrect codec string in the CRCX input data leads to an OsmoBSC crash.
OSMO_ASSERT() is the wrong error handling for input data.

The context of this is that I am working on the Channel Mode Modify code path in OsmoBSC.
It is probably a bug in that code path that passes a wrong codec name,
but still this should not crash the entire BSC.

Related issues

Related to OsmoMGW - Bug #5123: coredump nightly mgw on 3g voicecall startupResolved04/20/2021

Associated revisions

Revision 7d86d4c5 (diff)
Added by dexter 5 months ago

mgcp_client: fix error handling in mgcp message generation

The functions add_lco and add_sdp assert when the codec string can not
be generated. This is the case when an unexpected codec is addressed in
the input parameter mgcp_msg for mgcp_msg_gen(). Even though the API
user is expected only to use the codec identifiers in mgcp_client.h the
check should not be done with an assert. Instead mgcp_msg_gen() should
just return NULL imediately.

Also all generation functions should not use magic numbers as return
codes. Instead constants from errno.h should be used. It is also
problematic that the return codes from msgb_printf are added up.
Depending. It makes more sense to use an OR operator since msgb_printf
only returns 0 or -EINVAL, so the end result will be -EINVAL if one or
more msgb_printf fail and not just a random negative value.

Change-Id: Ibb788343e0bec9c0eaf33e6e4727d4d36c100017
Related: OS#5119


#1 Updated by laforge 6 months ago

  • Related to Bug #5123: coredump nightly mgw on 3g voicecall startup added

#2 Updated by laforge 6 months ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to High

In general, no matter what happens at a remote implementation that sends packets to us, we must never OSMO_ASSERT(). This is a serious problem. OSMO_ASSERT() is to guard against conditions entirely under control of our implementation (mgw in this case).

Any remote user, even a malicious one, must always be ble to send us anything without us running into OSMO_ASSERT(). If a remote user can trigger this, it's a denial of service vulnerability.

#3 Updated by dexter 6 months ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress
  • % Done changed from 0 to 90

I have replaced the ASSERT with a normal check that just returns an error code. The reason for the ASSERT might have been that the API user is expected to use only the constants from mgcp_client.h. However, it may still be that the input data is derived from some other source and not filled in by the API user manually. So errors in the input data are possible. mgcp_client: do not crash when lco/sdp can not be generated

#4 Updated by dexter 4 months ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Resolved

I see that the patch got merged so I think this ticket can be closed.

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