Bug #5129

UICC doesn't send OPEN CHANNEL proactive command to terminal

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Hi. I'm testing the procedure of opening a BIP CHANNEL with a USIM and a reader. I'm aware of what should I do but at some point, it doesn't go as I expected. I first send the OPEN CHANNEL command as input data of an envelope command, and USIM returns 91XX as status code. then I fetch the proactive command and it's SEND SHORT MESSAGE command because UICC wants to say the server who sent the OPEN CHANNEL command that I've received your command. after that I respond with a TERMINAL RESPONSE command which means that SENDING SHORT MESSAGE command is performed successfully. now at this point, I expect to get 91XX as status code in response to the TERMINAL RESPONSE command which means there is another proactive command that needs to be fetched which is the actual OPEN CHANNEL command, but instead of 91XX, I get 9000. I don't know what is wrong. I have a sysmoISIM-SJA2 sim card.
Is there any configuration with the sim card that I need to do before starting the procedure?


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would you mind releasing your host-side software and a minimal cardlet as open source to demonstrate the problem?

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