Bug #5236

SGSN-side BVC still exists if corresponding BSS-NSE goes down

Added by daniel about 1 month ago. Updated 27 days ago.

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When a BSS-NSE goes down the corresponding BVCs on the SGSN-side are getting blocked, but still the BVC with all its information (BVCI, CELL, FSM, ...) is still present. If the SGSN later decides to BVC-RESET the BVC the FSM will answer with a RESET-ACK (as well as the correct cell id) and the BVC will then appear to be in working order from the SGSN point of view.

Instead of simply sending a BVC-BLOCK we should also free the sgsn-side BVC. Then the gbproxy will catch the RESET in rx_bvc_reset_from_sgsn() and answer with a STATUS cause "unknown BVCI".

Associated revisions

Revision a1304ee8 (diff)
Added by daniel about 1 month ago

gbproxy: Remove SGSN-side BVC after sending BVC-BLOCK

If we keep the bvc around the SGSN could send a BVC-RESET which the
gbproxy would ACK. This will reestablish the BVC only between the gbproxy and
SGSN which can lead to all sorts of issues.

With this patch the gbproxy will respond with a BVC-STATUS cause BVCI

Related: SYS#5628
Fixes: OS#5236
Change-Id: Ib14be6425a81b43353708b2708f79e035e501079


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The remaining patch has been merged now as well.

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