Bug #5263

nfs-util-client for yocto/sysmobts

Added by keith 13 days ago. Updated 11 days ago.

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It might be useful to be able to increase available disk space
(to install debug symbols, etc) on a sysmobts by mounting a remote NFS filesystem.
I understand we need to build the package nfs-util-client1
but I'm not familiar with the layout of yocto config, much less the config for the sysmobts build.



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Based on a brief exploration, it should be sufficient to do something like add nfs-utils to RDEPENDS_${PN} of task-sysmocom-debug (included in the images) or task-sysmocom-feed (optional package for later installation).

The other question is if the kernel is actually built with NFS support at all. But looking at the defconfig, at least NFSv2 and NFSv3 seem to be active.

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next nightly builds should have the package available, see

note: that same nightly feed will not have any updated ca-certificates. I need your feedbck in #5259 before merging that.

#3 Updated by keith 11 days ago

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I can confirm this is working.. I'll now backup some scripts and config from my SysmoBTS over NFS and then I can flash the ca-cert test image. :)

#4 Updated by laforge 11 days ago

keith wrote:

I can confirm this is working..

Thanks, I've pushed the nfs-client change now also to 201705 [stable]

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