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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3339 OsmoTRX Bug New Urgent osmo-trx-lms "expect ... got ... diff ff0" error message pespin 11/12/2018 01:46 PM Related to #2919
3155 OsmoBTS Feature In Progress Urgent execute BTS_Tests.ttcn with real (C123) phone hardware in LTHW setup pespin 10/20/2018 07:29 PM Related to #3353, Related to #3025
3560 OsmoGSMTester Bug In Progress High nanoBTS multiTRX tests in osmo-gsm-tester Prod setup failing pespin 11/09/2018 03:49 PM Related to #2760, Related to #2761, Related to #3628, Is duplicate of #3475
1683 osmo-sip-connector Bug New High osmo-sip-connector: Implement codec selection sysmocom 10/03/2018 10:46 AM Related to #2854, Related to #2832, Related to #3114, Related to #3115
1831 OsmoPCU Bug Stalled High No handling for padding octets(LI 127) for EGPRS. row 3rd of Table 10.4.14a.1 TS 44.060 version 7.27.0 Release sysmocom 10/02/2018 03:46 PM
1925 OsmoPCU Bug New High Fix padding for MCS8 transition sysmocom 10/02/2018 03:46 PM
1939 OsmoPCU Bug New High implement packet idle/transfer mode including T3192 sysmocom 10/02/2018 03:45 PM
1940 OsmoPCU Bug New High implement T3141 - Timeout after Send Immediate assign for TBF sysmocom 10/02/2018 03:45 PM
2282 OsmoPCU Feature Stalled High uplink multi-slot allocations sysmocom 10/02/2018 03:45 PM Related to #1775
2603 OsmoPCU Bug New High Review the various incomplete and never merged changes in radisys branch sysmocom 10/02/2018 03:43 PM Related to #1775
2363 OpenBSC Support New High migrate important branches from openbsc.git to new osmo-{msc,bsc,mgw,sgsn}.git Osmocom Developers 09/12/2018 02:41 PM
1792 OsmoPCU Bug Stalled High 2 MS tests: Issue with TS allocation for DL in PCU sysmocom 08/17/2017 06:53 AM
3692 OsmoTRX Bug In Progress Normal osmo-trx-uhd fails to start with UHD "recv packet demuxer unexpected sid" pespin 11/13/2018 08:14 PM Related to #3458
3624 OsmoBSC Feature Feedback Normal ipaccess-config: Investigate if possible to get OML_IP currently set in nanobts pespin 11/12/2018 05:47 PM
2820 OsmoGSMTester Feature New Normal test GPRS with two (or more) subscribers pespin 11/12/2018 04:49 PM Related to #2204, Related to #1742
3627 libosmo-abis Bug Feedback Normal osmo_ortp.c:my_ortp_logfn does not add endline char during log pespin 11/12/2018 04:27 PM
3574 OsmoBTS Bug Feedback Normal osmo-bts: Drop -t parameter, allocate number of trx from cfg file pespin 11/12/2018 01:39 PM
3680 OsmoBSC Bug Feedback Normal osmo-bsc: test fails ocasionally due to paging response arriving after T3113 expired pespin 11/07/2018 02:11 PM
3063 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal OsmoBSC + nanoBTS 165AU (DCS1800): smartphone Samsung 4mini 5 unable to register (it can on osmo-nitb) pespin 11/05/2018 07:56 PM
3516 OsmoTRX Bug New Normal osmo-trx-lms: Fix memory leaks reported by LeakSanitizer after stopping the process. pespin 11/01/2018 06:15 PM
3562 OsmoTRX Bug New Normal osmo-trx-uhd doesn't exit after UHD device disappears pespin 11/01/2018 05:51 PM
2760 OsmoGSMTester Feature In Progress Normal osmo-gsm-tester: Add support for several (osmo-)trx to OsmoBtsTrx pespin 11/01/2018 04:57 PM Related to #2761, Related to #3560
3671 OsmoBTS Bug Feedback Normal osmo-bts-sysmo and TTCN3 BTS_Tests f_est_dchan does not check for Chan Required pespin 11/01/2018 01:39 PM
3678 OsmoGSMTester Bug New Normal osmo-gsm-tester: add test case: resume GPRS use after idling pespin 10/30/2018 02:23 PM Related to #2455
2204 OsmoGSMTester Feature New Normal osmo-gsm-tester: add test case: CS paging while GPRS is active pespin 10/29/2018 09:10 PM Related to #2176, Related to #2820, Blocked by #2202
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