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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
2611 OsmoPCU Bug Closed Normal PCU does not properly handle TA adjustment msuraev 01/04/2018 10:48 AM
2606 OsmoBTS Bug Closed High LC15 BTS variant crashed with the FSM naming rules in latest libosmocore mqng2 12/23/2017 01:48 AM
2455 OsmoPCU Bug Closed Normal MS will not be able to use data service if we let the MS idle about 30 seconds after PDP context activated 10/19/2020 07:39 PM Related to #3678, Related to #3472, Related to #4506
2014 OsmoBTS Bug Closed Normal LC15: BTS does not properly handle BS-AG-BLKS-RES laforge 08/08/2017 07:06 PM Related to #2366
1950 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved High LC15: BTS does not send L2 fill frame pespin 10/11/2020 07:50 PM Related to #4801
1839 OsmoBTS Bug Closed Normal LC15: BTS failed to send LAPDm UA command to MS after receiving LAPDm DISC dexter 08/08/2017 07:06 PM
1785 libosmo-abis Bug Closed Normal RTP network error laforge 11/09/2016 09:23 AM Related to #1661
1775 OsmoPCU Bug Resolved Normal LC15: No PDCH allocation across two TRX pespin 11/03/2020 09:49 AM Related to #1553, Related to #1648, Related to #2282, Related to #2603

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