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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
5255 OsmoBSC Bug In Progress Normal ttcn3-bsc-test-latest: CBSP and LCLS test cases fail since build #1095 fixeria 10/14/2021 02:51 PM
5251 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved High VAMOS: CHANnel ACTIVation on shadow timeslots is broken pespin 10/15/2021 12:27 PM
5248 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Urgent Memory leaks across A-bis/RSL connection pespin 10/15/2021 12:27 PM
5245 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal Race condition during CHANnel ACTivation on dynamic timeslots fixeria 10/08/2021 01:12 PM
5243 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal Both BTS_Tests.TC_meas_res_sign_sdcch4 and BTS_Tests.TC_meas_res_sign_sdcch8 started to fail pespin 09/30/2021 11:37 AM
5242 OsmoBTS Bug Feedback Normal A-bis/RSL: CRCX ACK indicates '' as the local/bind address fixeria 10/11/2021 11:21 AM
5239 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal Weird logging during shutdown fixeria 10/05/2021 08:12 PM
5238 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal TCH/F_PDCH is not properly deactivated in scheduler fixeria 09/28/2021 11:12 AM
5194 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal ttcn3-bts-test: both TC_rsl_bs_pwr_static_ass and TC_rsl_bs_pwr_static_power_control failing 07/03/2021 02:12 PM
5172 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Urgent Uplink is broken: wrong TSC is sent in RSL CHANnel ACTIVation neels 06/08/2021 01:52 PM Blocks #1866
5170 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal segfault while trying to activate lchan (bts=0,trx=0,ts=0,ss=0) with codec fr fixeria 06/08/2021 01:53 PM
5112 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Resolved High osmo-gsm-manuals: build verification is broken fixeria 04/12/2021 06:10 PM Blocks #4941
5025 OsmoBTS Feature New Normal Missing TTCN-3 coverage for the Timing Advance loop fixeria 07/02/2021 04:28 PM
5024 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal Timing Advance loop is broken for SDCCH channels fixeria 02/22/2021 12:27 PM
4957 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Closed High ttcn3-sip-test is broken since 15 Dec 2020 pespin 02/03/2021 12:53 PM
4901 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal New FSM error: transition to state DISABLED_NOTINSTALLED not permitted! fixeria 12/13/2020 12:12 PM Is duplicate of #4831
4879 OsmoPCU Bug Feedback High endless pdch.cpp:809 Got CS-N RLC block: R=0, SI=0, TFI=0, CPS=0, RSB=0, rc=264 fixeria 05/13/2021 12:13 PM
4873 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal BSC trying to activate TS while still in avail=dependency pespin 12/09/2020 03:55 PM
4828 OsmoTRX Bug Resolved High Building osmo-trx-lms fails due to linker errors fixeria 10/25/2020 08:10 AM
4823 OsmoBTS Bug Stalled Normal osmo-bts-trx sends dummy bursts (instead of BFI) in the absence of RTP frames fixeria 08/13/2021 12:56 PM
4804 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal TCH/F: Prim has wrong chan_nr=0xc5 link_id=00, expecting chan_nr=0x0d link_id=00 fixeria 10/19/2020 03:04 PM
4797 libosmocore Bug Feedback Normal vty: the output of 'show ns' command is confusing fixeria 10/23/2020 05:35 PM Related to #4855
4785 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal Dozens of 'pcu_sock.c:870 PCU socket not connected, dropping message' when osmo-pcu disconnects/crashes fixeria 10/08/2020 08:43 PM
4780 OsmoPCU Bug Resolved High ttcn3-pcu-test: regression: PCU_Tests.TC_ul_all_sizes fails due to "Timeout of T_guard" fixeria 10/17/2020 05:49 PM
4755 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal Premature OML Radio Carrier(00,00,ff) Opstart pespin 10/21/2020 05:33 PM Related to #2469, Related to #2470
4725 OsmoPCU Bug Rejected Normal osmo-pcu segfaults if the BSSGP handler fails to bind() fixeria 11/30/2020 01:15 PM
4709 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved High osmo-bts-trx (latest version 1.2.1) crashes in ttcn3-bts-test-latest 09/30/2020 01:01 PM Related to #4688, Related to #3612, Related to #4094
4697 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Low osmo-bts-trx ramps down RF-locked transceivers [again] 09/08/2020 04:12 PM
4696 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal osmo-bts-trx keeps sending dummy bursts after being RF-locked fixeria 09/08/2020 03:12 PM Related to #4695, Related to #4694
4695 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal RF-locking makes osmo-bts-trx lose all per-timeslot rate counters fixeria 09/08/2020 03:25 PM Related to #4696
4694 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal Radio link timeout would never expire after RF-lock (resource leak) 09/08/2020 04:08 PM Related to #4696
4662 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Resolved High ttcn3-bts-test: both TC_si_sched_13_2bis_2ter_2quater and TC_si_sched_2quater are broken fixeria 10/24/2020 07:49 PM Related to #4800
4659 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Rejected Normal ttcn3-bts-test: sporadic test case failures due to "BTS_Tests.ttcn:229 : Timeout waiting for RSL bring up" 02/06/2021 01:47 PM
4658 OsmocomBB Bug Stalled High Wrong burst order in a multi-trx setup fixeria 09/14/2020 10:18 AM Related to #4546, Related to #4006
4636 OsmoTRX Bug Resolved Normal osmo-trx-uhd crashes with 3 channels multi-ARFCN mode fixeria 09/14/2020 09:09 AM
4624 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved High osmo-bsc leaks memory pespin 08/18/2020 08:29 AM Related to #3612, Related to #4688
4619 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Resolved High ttcn3-bsc-test: all LCLS test cases broken since build #987 neels 08/16/2020 01:10 PM Related to #4701, Related to #4899
4618 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal osmo-gsm-tester_virtual is completely broken since build #6108 pespin 06/17/2020 10:39 AM
4617 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal ttcn3-bsc-test: sporadic TC_ho_neighbor_config_* failures 02/06/2021 01:46 PM
4592 OsmoBTS Bug Stalled Low osmo-bts-trx: make sure that handover detection works fixeria 06/21/2020 03:10 PM Related to #4586
4573 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal [centos] ttcn3-msc-test: 177 failures! laforge 06/03/2020 05:40 PM Related to #4570
4501 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved High osmo-bts-{sysmo,oc2g,litecell15}: Packet Control Ack (in form of Access Bursts) arrives on PRACH?!? fixeria 08/21/2020 09:21 PM Related to #4500
4500 OsmoBTS Bug Stalled Normal osmo-bts-{sysmo,oc2g,litecell15}: PTCCH/U is not enabled on PDCH timeslots fixeria 06/25/2020 04:48 PM Related to #1796, Related to #1545, Related to #4501
4419 pySim Bug Resolved High CardConnectionException: Failed to transmit with protocol T0. Transaction failed. fixeria 03/02/2020 07:30 AM
4392 OsmoPCU Bug Resolved Normal csn1: csnStreamDecoder() ignores unknown values for CSN_CHOICE fixeria 02/13/2020 06:22 PM
4388 libosmocore Bug New High bitvec: bitvec_read_field() can never return negative value on error 02/18/2020 11:02 PM
4385 OsmoHLR Bug Resolved Normal mslookup_client_mdns_test fails on my machine osmith 02/14/2020 11:17 AM
4384 pySim Feature Feedback Normal Jenkins program-read verification on daily (or weekly) basis fixeria 01/20/2021 09:06 PM Related to #4383
4383 pySim Bug Stalled High Jenkins build verification is non-deterministic dexter 04/06/2021 04:58 PM Related to #4384
4378 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Bug Resolved Normal Having 'sctp-role client' in configuration causes high CPU load pespin 01/28/2020 11:08 PM
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