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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3801 OsmocomBB Support New Normal dump flash of Sony Ericsson SJ100i roh 02/13/2019 07:01 PM Related to #3582
3799 OsmoBSC Bug In Progress High OsmoBSC send OML "Get Attributes" with wrong length value laforge 02/12/2019 06:55 PM Related to #1614
3798 OsmoMGW Feature New Normal Implement bandwidth-efficient AMR payload as per RFC 4867 Section 4.3 02/12/2019 06:16 PM Related to #2728
3796 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal OsmoBTS doesn't send proper cause values in NACK laforge 02/09/2019 07:48 AM Related to #2469
3795 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal OsmoBTS doesn't ignore unsupported OML "placement" laforge 02/12/2019 08:03 PM Related to #2469
3792 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal OsmoBTS doesn't include the "Starting Time" attribute in "Set BTS Attributes ACK" laforge 02/07/2019 08:13 PM
3791 OsmoBTS Bug New Low OsmoBTS doesn't include the "IPA Destination IP Address" attribute in "IPA RSL Connect ACK" laforge 02/07/2019 07:46 PM Related to #2469
3790 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal BTS indicates "Unlocked" state of Radio Carrier on connect laforge 02/07/2019 07:44 PM Related to #2469
3789 OsmoBTS Bug In Progress Normal BTS permits OPSTART of MO without attributes laforge 02/13/2019 01:13 PM Related to #3782, Related to #2469
3788 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Low OML Set {BTS,RADIO,CHANNEL} Attributes ACK doesn't echo attributes from Set BTS Attributes laforge 02/12/2019 08:04 PM Related to #2469
3785 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Low OML State Change Event Report contains invalid administrative state laforge 02/12/2019 08:04 PM Related to #2469
3781 E1/T1 Hardware Interface Feature Resolved Normal assemble E1 interface boards roh 02/07/2019 08:01 PM
3780 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal existing test suite doesn't catch wrong measurement processing dexter 02/13/2019 02:23 PM
3779 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature New Low explore providing a VM image with all of osmocom CNI and related tools installed 02/04/2019 09:52 AM
3778 OsmoMSC Feature In Progress High Support CSFB "Fast Return" dexter 02/04/2019 03:51 PM Related to #3777
3777 OsmoBSC Feature In Progress High Support CSFB "Fast Return" laforge 02/05/2019 04:45 PM Related to #3778
3773 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Resolved High tcc-deb9build: scripts/ not in path laforge 01/31/2019 09:22 PM
3772 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug In Progress Normal new build host tcc-deb9build: failure to push manuals laforge 02/01/2019 09:21 AM Related to #3725
3768 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New High user manuals don't describe statsd exporter sysmocom 01/26/2019 11:05 AM
3765 libosmocore Feature New High Build old (at least latest) releases of programs against "master of the day" libosmo* Osmocom Developers 01/22/2019 09:11 PM
3764 libosmocore Bug Closed Normal libosmocore 1.0.x makes gbproxy_test of older osmo-sgsn fail laforge 01/25/2019 11:01 AM
3758 osmo-clock-gen Feature In Progress Normal design/build SI5351C based clock generator boards laforge 01/27/2019 05:55 PM
3752 Osmocom Conferences (OsmoDevCon + OsmoCon) Feature New Normal try to get c3voc equipment for recording of OsmoDevCon 2019 tsaitgaist 01/08/2019 08:04 PM
3751 OsmoBTS Support New Normal Ensure BTS Tests.ttcn results of OC-2G resemble what we know/expect from osmo-bts-{sysmo,trx} pespin 01/08/2019 08:00 PM
3750 OsmoBTS Feature New Normal Extension of BTS_Tests.ttcn test coverage sysmocom 01/14/2019 03:27 PM
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