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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
4208 OsmoSGSN Bug Rejected Normal crash: libosmocore/src/gsm/gsm48.c:788:18: runtime error: load of null pointer of type 'const uint8_t' lynxis 09/17/2019 12:47 AM
4199 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal osmo-bsc.cfg: if 'amr tch-[fh] modes' are not in order, the config is ignored and osmo-bsc still starts 09/12/2019 12:52 AM
4196 OsmoMSC Feature New Normal CC Setup, Call Confirmed: decode and use the Supported Codec List IE 09/25/2019 05:27 PM
4164 libosmocore Bug Resolved Urgent logging vty session crashes host program if telnet connection is killed neels 09/02/2019 11:05 PM
4162 OsmoHNBGW Bug New Normal when hnb with duplicate CID show up, rejected hnbap requests build up in the hnb list 08/21/2019 12:34 AM Related to #4158
4158 OsmoHNBGW Bug New Normal segfault when paging, in a situation with duplicate CID in hnb register requests 08/21/2019 12:38 AM Related to #4162
4152 libosmocore Bug Resolved High osmo_tdef_get() has API doc that encourages to pass -1 to an unsigned long argument, and promises certain behavior in case of -1 being passed neels 09/17/2019 02:04 PM
4150 OsmoMGW Feature New Low dead code / If an MDCX omits SDP, all codec config might be cleared 08/13/2019 11:01 PM
4144 OsmoMSC Feature Stalled Normal provide config to enable/disable UTRAN encryption 08/13/2019 02:57 PM Blocked by #4143
4143 libosmo-ranap Feature New Normal Security Mode Command needs distinct UEA1 and UEA2 options 08/06/2019 12:58 PM Blocks #4144
4093 OsmoBSC Bug Rejected Normal osmo-bsc closes lchan after inter-BSC HO out of the current BSC times out, instead should continue to serve the same lchan neels 07/09/2019 05:27 PM
4058 OsmoBSC Support Resolved Low verify that re-using ARFCN+BSIC pairs across separate BSS works osmith 09/11/2019 12:21 PM
4057 OsmoBSC Support Resolved Normal verify that re-using ARFCN+BSIC pairs within a BSS works osmith 09/16/2019 02:24 PM
4056 OsmoBSC Support Resolved High verify that legacy handover configuration still works after introduction of inter-BSC HO support neels 09/17/2019 02:04 PM
3994 Core testing infrastructure Feature Resolved Normal ttcn3: would be nice to be able to template GSUP messages as struct templates, in the same way we do with BSSAP, RSL, DTAP and all other messages laforge 07/18/2019 05:33 AM
3992 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal inter-MSC handover for signalling-only? 05/09/2019 11:39 AM
3988 OsmoMSC Feature New Low change the remaining DEBUGP() statements to LOG_MSC_A() / LOG_MSC_A_CAT() 05/08/2019 03:26 PM
3983 libosmocore Bug New Normal osmo_fsm_inst_change_parent() forgets to talloc reparent 05/08/2019 08:00 AM
3980 OsmoMGW Bug New Normal Clear Command before CRCX OK may leak MGW endpoint 05/06/2019 10:11 PM
3893 OsmoHLR Feature Resolved Normal update wireshark dissector for new inter-MSC GSUP messages laforge 05/10/2019 09:47 AM
3872 OsmoBSC Feature New Normal osmo_scu_prim.conn_id should be picked from a distinct number space for outgoing and incoming N-CONNECT osmith 03/28/2019 08:06 PM Blocked by #3871
3871 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Bug Stalled High osmo_scu_prim conn_id should be scoped per-user and direction, and should not correlate with the local-reference spoken on the SCCP wire osmith 07/18/2019 09:33 AM Related to #3618, Related to #1609, Blocks #3872
3842 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved High inter-BSC Handover doesn't work with Ciphering enabled neels 05/09/2019 12:21 AM
3841 OsmoBSC Bug New Low cosmetic: tearing down the old lchan after inter-BSC handover always goes through RELEASE_AFTER_ERROR (instead of normal release) neels 05/08/2019 05:43 PM
3839 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal inter-BSC Handover lacks AoIP Transport Layer Address, i.e. only works with SCCPlite neels 05/09/2019 12:29 AM Related to #1609, Related to #2283
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