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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
4443 libosmocore Bug New Normal CTRL interface blocks wildcard in rate_ctr 03/08/2020 01:06 PM Related to #2688, Related to #4053
4442 Servers Bug New Normal Fix automatic referencing between redmine issues and git changelog zecke 03/08/2020 11:59 AM
4440 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal osmo_bts_virtual doesn't detect if mobile/virtphy is gone laforge 03/07/2020 03:44 PM
4439 OsmocomBB Bug In Progress Normal Unnumbered frame not allowed / sending MDL-ERROR-IDN cause 12 laforge 03/17/2020 11:38 AM
4434 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug New Normal sgsnemu: Fix wrong assumption always Interface Identifier == IPv6 public prefix pespin 03/04/2020 11:55 AM
4433 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Feature New Normal sgsnemu: Add support for IPv4v6 EUAs 03/04/2020 10:44 AM
4432 OsmoMGW Bug New Normal for 'domain *', mgw should echo the domain of the MGCP client 03/04/2020 12:39 AM
4431 osmo-clock-gen Bug In Progress Normal TC1 (TC2050) pin 4 should connect to VDD network, not VDD_3V3 laforge 03/01/2020 09:22 PM
4430 SIMtrace 2 Bug In Progress Normal firmware can get in endless out-of-memory loop on OUT EP flood laforge 03/05/2020 08:30 AM
4427 rtl-sdr Bug New Normal docker + rtl_sdr issue 02/29/2020 01:16 PM
4426 SDR (Software Defined Radio) Bug New Normal Errors when running GNURadio Flow or Osmocom on MacOS 10.15.3. 02/29/2020 01:56 AM
4423 gr-osmosdr Feature New Normal pkg-config gnuradio-osmosdr.pc removed 02/27/2020 10:11 AM
4422 OsmocomBB Feature In Progress Urgent implement audio loop-back in mobile neels 03/05/2020 12:40 PM Related to #3400
4421 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Normal Use PARALLEL_MAKE in make distcheck contrib/ pespin 02/26/2020 07:44 PM
4418 OsmocomBB Feature New Normal test-sim: support all libosmocore algorithms (comp128 v1, v2, v3; MILENAGE) 02/26/2020 11:41 PM
4417 IMSI Pseudonymization Bug New Normal LU counter should only increase on successful location update 02/26/2020 12:38 PM
4415 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Feature New Normal Document in OsmoGGSN User Manual the IPv6 allocation process over GTP 02/25/2020 03:05 PM
4413 SIMtrace 2 Bug New Normal simtrace2-firmware nightly builds have "UNKNOWN" version indication osmith 02/21/2020 09:27 PM
4411 SIMtrace 2 Bug New Normal strange USB hang with simtrace2 firmware + SMC USB hub laforge 02/22/2020 03:25 PM
4409 osmo-remsim Bug In Progress High osmo-remsim-client-st2 (or firmware?) gets stuck on PTS laforge 03/04/2020 09:15 PM
4407 OsmoGSMTester Feature New Normal osmo-gsm-tester: Support setting auth_algo milenage on srsLTE software and filling HSS parameters like OPC pespin 02/20/2020 03:47 PM
4406 OsmoGSMTester Feature New Normal osmo-gsm-tester: Support setting auth_algo milenage or similar on osmocom software and filling HLR parameters like OPC pespin 02/20/2020 03:44 PM
4404 IMSI Pseudonymization Feature In Progress Normal Make sure that we can silently detach the IMSI 03/31/2020 10:32 AM Related to #4400
4403 IMSI Pseudonymization Feature Feedback Normal How to interface HLR and SMS service? 02/19/2020 10:34 AM
4402 IMSI Pseudonymization Feature In Progress Normal Create draft specification osmith 03/27/2020 12:33 PM
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