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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1556OsmoPCUFeatureNewNormalInter-RAT hand-over02/23/2016 03:13 PM
1555OsmoPCUFeatureNewLowUnacknowledged RLC Mode02/23/2016 03:12 PM
1554OsmoPCUFeatureNewNormalper-MS BSSGP flow control02/23/2016 03:12 PM
1550OsmoPCUBugNewNormalCell reselection under network control02/23/2016 03:06 PM
1549OsmoPCUFeatureNewNormalDRX support for GPRS02/04/2017 08:11 AM
1548OsmoPCUBugStalledHigh11bit RACH supportmsuraev12/11/2017 02:51 PM
1547OsmoPCUFeatureNewNormaldownlink power control on PDTCH02/23/2016 03:04 PM
1546OsmoPCUFeatureNewNormalclosed loop uplink power control08/17/2017 06:49 AM
1545OsmoPCUFeatureStalledNormalcontinuous timing advance loop using PTCCHmsuraev11/09/2016 10:23 AM
1544OsmoGSMTesterBugNewNormalPCU Benchmarking / Testing Setupsysmocom05/30/2017 03:40 PM
1543OsmoPCUFeatureNewNormallink/rate adaption as per specmsuraev08/01/2016 07:42 AM
1542OsmoPCUBugNewHighPost gsmtap/EGPRS patch to the wireshark projectlaforge01/12/2017 01:12 PM
1541OsmoPCUFeatureStalledLow Move TBF list from BTS to the TRX structuremsuraev07/21/2017 02:40 PM
1539OsmoPCUFeatureStalledLowRemove knowledge of the TBF from the PDCH object inside PCUmsuraev08/14/2017 05:15 PM
1538OsmoPCUBugFeedbackLowRefactor and remove the global BTS singletonzecke07/21/2017 02:46 PM
1537OsmoPCUFeatureNewLowMove the BSSGP handling to libosmocoremsuraev02/22/2016 09:15 PM
1536OsmoPCUFeatureNewLowImplement adaptive CS selectionmsuraev02/22/2016 09:32 PM
1533OsmoPCUFeatureFeedbackLowSeparate the window handling from the TBF more clearlyzecke07/21/2017 02:46 PM
1532OsmoPCUBugNewLowIncreased number of poll timeouts on shared PDCHsmsuraev02/22/2016 09:06 PM
1530OsmoPCUFeatureNewLowAssign same TFI number in downlink/uplinkmsuraev02/22/2016 09:04 PM
1529OsmoPCUFeatureNewLowSupport MCS 5-9 in uplinkmsuraev01/11/2017 06:16 PM
1528OsmoPCUBugNewLowFind a real fix for EGPRS_AckNack_w_len_t decodingmsuraev02/22/2016 09:32 PM
1527OsmoPCUFeatureNewLowSet correct values of the puncturing scheme and the retransmission flagmsuraev02/22/2016 09:00 PM
1526OsmoPCUFeatureStalledNormalAcquire/update timing advance (TA)msuraev11/02/2017 09:16 AM
1525OsmoPCUFeatureNewLowUse the Radio Access Capabilites that are being transferred via BSSGP (downlink)msuraev02/22/2016 08:59 PM
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