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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2274OsmoMSCBugNewNormalAoIP: fix some wrong wiring in the initial AoIP implementation06/25/2017 01:47 PM
2272OpenBSCFeatureNewHighclarify: why does common_cs.h get installed by debian packaging?msuraev06/02/2017 08:45 PM
2271OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewLowadd test names to pick to the -s cmdline optionosmo-gsm-tester05/18/2017 12:32 PM
2270OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewLowadd abstract API to picking which "core" network setup (NITB or MSC+BSC) to use by scenarioosmo-gsm-tester05/30/2017 12:06 PM
2266OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewNormalin the gsm tester, use from openbsc instead of the current CTRL implementationosmo-gsm-tester05/16/2017 04:31 PM
2264OsmoHNBGWFeatureNewNormalmake sure osmo-hnbgw re-connects dynamicallyOsmocom Developers05/16/2017 01:44 PM
2263OsmoMSCFeatureNewNormalosmo-mgcp-gw: multiple "BTS"05/16/2017 01:41 PM
2262OsmoMSCFeatureNewNormalosmo-mgcp-gw: dynamic "BTS" addresses05/16/2017 01:40 PM
2261OsmoMSCFeatureNewNormalrename osmo-bsc_mgcp05/24/2017 02:40 PM
2260OsmoMSCFeatureNewNormal"next generation" osmo-bsc_mgcpOsmocom Developers05/16/2017 01:35 PM
2259libosmo-sccpBugNewNormalproblem with local referencelaforge05/29/2017 07:59 AM
2257OpenBSCFeatureNewNormalprepare split of the openbsc.git in smaller componentsOsmocom Developers05/15/2017 02:50 PM
2256Cellular InfrastructureBugNewNormalMalformet packet sending an SMS05/15/2017 11:31 AM
2252OsmocomBBBugNewLowMobile in osmocom-bb not working05/15/2017 02:09 PM
2250OpenGGSNBugNewNormalOpenGGSN requires to run as root for no apparent reason05/10/2017 07:31 PM
2249OsmoBSCBugNewNormalRR GPRS suspension request is not forwarded to the GMM/SGSN05/09/2017 04:54 PM
2247OsmocomBBBugNewLowClean up / Unify CalypsoBTS wiki pagefixeria05/08/2017 11:47 AM
2245OsmoGSMTesterBugNewLowosmo-bts cfg: fix band stringosmo-gsm-tester05/15/2017 12:58 PM
2244OsmoGSMTesterFeatureNewLowosmo-gsm-tester: osmo-bts-trx: handle local TRX address as resourceosmo-gsm-tester05/23/2017 11:58 AM
2243OsmoGSMTesterFeatureFeedbackNormalosmo-gsm-tester: have a callback for when a resource is freedpespin05/30/2017 08:18 AM
2240OsmoGSMTesterBugNewHighofono: voice calls are not implemented for any modemlynxis05/24/2017 12:36 PM
2239OsmoGSMTesterBugIn ProgressHighofono: USSD is not implemented for any modemlynxis06/27/2017 09:40 AM
2238OsmoGSMTesterBugFeedbackHighofono: Gobi modem: cannot receive SMSlynxis05/16/2017 04:23 PM
2237OsmoGSMTesterBugIn ProgressHighofono: Gobi modem: successful SMS delivery is evaluated as not successfullynxis05/12/2017 08:51 PM
2236OsmoGSMTesterBugNewLowofono: Fix valgrind issuesosmo-gsm-tester05/30/2017 01:30 PM
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