Bug #4151

Updated by pespin over 1 year ago

It was spotted several times that all osmo-trx-lms tests in osmo-gsm-tester fail with message:
socket.c:367 unable to bind socket: Address already in use

Close lookup shows osmo-trx-lms stil running but idle (not consuming CPU):
# ps -ef | grep osmo-trx-lms
root 14643 14604 0 11:47 pts/1 00:00:00 grep osmo-trx-lms
jenkins 55210 1 0 Aug06 ? 00:00:53 /osmo-gsm-tester-trx/last_run/osmo-trx/bin/osmo-trx-lms -C /osmo-gsm-tester-trx/last_run/osmo-trx.cfg

In order to get process creation time (too see which test caused the issue and if logs around it provide more information):
# ls -ld --time-style=full-iso /proc/$(pidof osmo-trx-lms)
dr-xr-xr-x 9 jenkins jenkins 0 2019-08-06 10:37:14.274166715 +0200 /proc/55210

At that time, following run was in place:

And the test: @trial-1926 gprs:trx-lms+mod-bts0-numtrx2+mod-bts0-chanallocdescend gprs:trx-lms+mod-bts0-numtrx2+mod-bts0-chanallocdescend@

The test runs and at some fails (expected since multi-trx is not yet supported in osmo-trx-lms) and then osmo-gsm-tester goes over regular procedure to kill all processes (in the case of osmo-trx-lms, it kills the ssh client, which should end up killing its child through the script handler):
10:38:00.558825 --- ParallelTerminationStrategy: DBG: Scheduled to terminate 22 processes. []
10:38:00.560001 --- ParallelTerminationStrategy: DBG: Starting to kill with SIGTERM []
10:38:00.669914 run osmo-trx-lms(pid=1883): Terminating (SIGTERM) [trial-1926↪gprs:trx-lms+mod-bts0-numtrx2+mod-bts0-chanallocdescend↪osmo-bts-trx↪osmo-trx-lms↪osmo-trx-lms(pid=1883)] []
10:38:00.773158 --- ParallelTerminationStrategy: PID 1883 died... []
10:38:00.773706 run osmo-trx-lms(pid=1883): DBG: Cleanup [trial-1926↪gprs:trx-lms+mod-bts0-numtrx2+mod-bts0-chanallocdescend↪osmo-bts-trx↪osmo-trx-lms↪osmo-trx-lms(pid=1883)] []
10:38:00.776101 run osmo-trx-lms(pid=1883): Terminated {rc=36608} [trial-1926↪gprs:trx-lms+mod-bts0-numtrx2+mod-bts0-chanallocdescend↪osmo-bts-trx↪osmo-trx-lms↪osmo-trx-lms(pid=1883)] []

So my guess is not that ssh killing its child process is not working, but rather than when running with multi-trx we may end up in some race condition which somehow blocks osmo-trx-lms and prevents it from exiting.


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