Bug #1742

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I haven't been able to use gprs service since egprs merge (4f8438a6cd0f34bb22493b13154e382983bbda01).

The first issue is the T6169 timeout during TBF assignment. A bissection showed that commit f1a7b8fc6651f92a8b7f3f27b7ca05d07f4e44e0 introduced this specific bug ; but even with this commit reverted, the gprs service is still unreliable.

I am now bissecting d87e1d6ab747423d3668c74d16201a5d967accf0..f1a7b8fc6651f92a8b7f3f27b7ca05d07f4e44e0 and testing at each step connection and reliability on a end user device.

un-duplicating issues: (un-duplicating issues:)

* Please refer to #1756 for why the WAIT_ASSIGN state in f1a7b8fc66 breaks GPRS completely.
* Discuss reliability after revert of f1a7b8fc66 here.


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