Bug #4555

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/dev/md2 438G 377G 39G 91% /

* 199 GB are jenkins (build history / artefacts)
* 23GB is the deb8build jenkins slave lxc
* 79GB is the deb9build jenkins slave lxc
* 29GB are our docker image layers

We could add hard disks / SSDs to the server, but those are (rented) relatively expensive at ~ 8-10 EUR per month, which we'd have to double for RAID-1. It would be much more economic to upgrade from the AX60 to an AX51-NVMe (2x 1TB storage, faster CPU), which has only an EUR 5 per month price increase. However, that would mean migrating all data to a new machne and then finally switch over after everything is migrated.


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