Feature #4591

Updated by ipse 7 months ago

Working on borken stats export and thinking about adding monitoring to OsmoSTP and MGCP code, I realized that a lot of useful information can be acquired from FSMs if they supported generic statistics export.

This export can be made configurable through VTY on a per-FSM class level to tweak it to specific monitoring needs.

Examples of generic counters/gauges I can think of immediately:
# Number of instances of a given FSM (gauge for current and counter for allocation/deallocation). Useful for short living FSMs like SCCP connections.
# Current FSM instance state (gauge). Useful for long-living FSMs like A-interface connections.
# Counters for transitions to/from states (per state) and received events (per event). Useful for long-living short-living FSMs like lchan's.


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