Feature #4808

Updated by pespin 5 months ago

1st: Make sure multi-trx set up is working in osmo-bts-trx (and optionally with nanobts, does it support baseband frequency hopping?)
2nd: Find out what and how exactly needs to be configured. IIRC everything is basically done in osmo-bsc.cfg?
3rd: Add APIs to configure inside osmo-gsm-tester a BTS object (later passed to BSC) with a given hopping parameters, or perhaps doing so via osmo-gsm-tester resource config.
4th: 3th: Run several tests with hopping enabled for all multi-trx BTS supporting it, be it through scenarios or specific tests.

@fixeria can you provide a known to work osmo-bsc.cfg (and whatever more is needed) which I can use as a base to integrate into osmo-gsm-tester?


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