expected downtime on Sunday, 2018-05-13

Added by laforge over 3 years ago

This Sunday (May 13), we're planning to do some of the pending migration of services from our old server to a new machine.

This will cause some downtime. Hopefully it will be minimal, but for sure there will be unexpected events that will mean some of the services will be unavailable at some point during Sunday :/

In terms of priorities, gerrit is high up on the list, so this is the primary focus. If that goes well, redmine is the next on the list.

In case you're interested in the gory details, #3076 is the overview ticket.


Added by laforge over 3 years ago

migration of gerrit + patchwork was completed. If you observe any unusal behavior, please file bug reports in the osmocom-servers project on this redmine.

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