Motorola V171

The V171 is one of many ODM phones that Motorola bought from Compal communications in Taiwan. Especially in Germany this phone has been sold by some discounters, rebadged as "TCM Klapp-Handy".

The internal name of the hardware is E68/E69.


  • GSM 900 / GSM 1800 dual-band
  • 87 x 46 x 23 mm, 87g
  • STN 4k - 98x67 pixels
  • 920mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Ti Calypso/Iota/Rita chipset


PCB scan of the Motorola V171


They can be found here:

GSM Chipset

  • DBB: Ti Calypso Baseband, D751749ZHH model (Calypso Lite G2), includes 256kBytes of internal SRAM
  • ABB: Ti TWL3014C
  • RF: Ti TRF 6151C
  • RF PA: SKY77325-12

NOR Flash + SRAM

  • Intel RD38F2030W0ZBQ1
    • 64MBit NOR (8 MByte), bottom boot
    • 16Mbit SRAM (2 MByte)

Audio ringtone

  • Sunplus SPMA100C


The display is a 98 x 67 pixels CSTN color display attached to the Calypso DBB via the uWire interface (nReset, nSCS0, SCK, SDO). The backlight is controlled by the DBB IO1.
It is compatible with the display used in the MotorolaC155.


The Bootloader is the same as in the C155, works fine with osmocom.

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