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h1. Accelerate3g5 -- alteholz


h2. Summary

h3. Participants

* Thorsten Alteholz (

h2. Details

Adding new features certainly is needed for a project to remain attractive to its users. On the other hand substantial QA work is needed as well to keep users satisfied with the software.
As I am not yet very familiar with all details of the cellular infrastructure, my first contributions to osmocom shall be within the latter topic. I am planning to:

* reduce number compiler warnings; the compiler knows best whether something is weird; especially CLANG is rather picky
* analyse the code with open source tools like splint or valgrind
* taking care of bugs and at least trying to reproduce them, as time goes on, I will be able to even close one or the other

A second assignement will be, probably together with Ruben Undheim, the maintenance of the Debian packages of all needed software both in unstable and backports.
In my opinion it is very important to break down barriers and allow newcomers some easy first steps into the project.

h3. Debian packages

h4. needed for 3g core network

* -libosmocore- (master; 0.9.0 already available)
* libosmo-abis (master; _tbc_)
* libosmo-netif (sysmocom/sctp; _tbc_)
* libosmo-sccp (sysmocom/iu; _tbc_)
* libsmpp34 (master; _tbc_)
* asn1c (aper-prefix-onto-upstream; _tbc_)
* libasn1c (master; _tbc_)
* osmo-iuh (master; _tbc_)
* openggsn (master; _tbc_)
* openbsc (sysmocom/iu; _tbc_)
* osmo-hlr (master; _tbc_)

h4. other libraries

h3. QA: spell checking

* libosmocore: "1968":

h3. QA: help with bugs


h2. Journal


h2. Conclusions

_no conclusions yet_
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