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h1. Accelerate3g5 -- benoit

h2. Who
Benoit Michau, email contact: michau[dot]benoit[at]gmail[dot]com

h2. What
Provide a 3G and 4G core network entirely written in Python, mainly for testing handsets easily and smoothly.

h2. How
A 4G core network has already been developed, based on an old library (libmich).
It is available here: [[]].
The intention is to develop a new framework with a clean API,
a wider Python support (both 2.7 and 3.4+), a complete ASN.1 compiler and runtime,
and the additional protocol handlers for RUA / RANAP and 2G-3G NAS.

h2. Where
The new framework is available here:
It currently proposes:
- a complete ASN.1 compiler and runtime (with BER/CER/DER/(U)PER encoders and decoders) BER/CER/DER/PER support)
- a large set of ASN.1 libraries, ready to be used
- a CSN.1 translater and runtime for encoding and decoding
- initial 24.008 MM and GMM encoders and decoders
More features will follow.

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