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Alin, 04/11/2017 09:41 AM

Accelerate3g5 -- unicornteam


2017/03/15 -- Received the package of nano3G.


Building from source
  • PC:Ubuntu16.04
  • HardWare:ip.access nano3G
  • SoftWare:Osmocom

1.1 Install cross-compilation environment

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libtool shtool autoconf git-core pkg-config make gcc build-essential libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev libx11-6 libx11-dev texinfo flex bison libncurses5 libncurses5-dbg libusb-0.1-4 libpcsclite1 libccid pcscd libncurses5-dev libncursesw5 libncursesw5-dbg libncursesw5-dev zlibc zlib1g-dev libmpfr4 libmpc-dev libpcsclite-dev 
sudo ldconfig

mkdir osm
cd osm
mkdir build install src
cd src

cd ..
chmod +x
sudo bash

1.2 Add Cross compiler environment

cd install/bin

vi ~/./.bashrc
export PATH=$PATH:/home/$username(change this to your name)/osm/install/bin

#save and quit
cd ../../
source ~/.bashrc

0x02 build CalypsoBTS

2.1 Build libosmo-dsp

git clone git://
cd libosmo-dsp/
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
cd ..

2.2 Build osmocom-bb

git clone git:// trx
cd trx/
git checkout jolly/testing
cd src/

# It needs TX support
# Just uncomment 'CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_TX_ENABLE' in target/firmware/Makefile

# And make with transceiver support
make HOST_layer23_CONFARGS=--enable-transceiver

2.3 Install dependency package

sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libdbi-dev libdbd-sqlite3 libsctp-dev

2.4 Build Ortp

tar -xvf ortp-0.22.0.tar.gz
cd ortp-0.22.0/
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ..

2.5 Build libosmo-abis

git clone git://
cd libosmo-abis
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ..

2.6 Build libosmo-netif

git clone git://
cd libosmo-netif/
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ..

2.7 Build openbsc

install PCAP library frist

apt-cache search PCAP
sudo pat-get install libpcap-dev libpcap0.8 libpcap0.8-dbg libpcap0.8-dev
sudo ldconfig

git clone git://
cd openbsc/openbsc/
autoreconf -i
sudo make install
cd ../..

2.8 Build osmo-bts

git clone git://
cd osmo-bts
autoreconf -i
./configure --enable-trx
sudo make install
cd ..

2.9 Create configuration folder for OpenBSC

# Create the configuration folder if it isn't exist yet
mkdir ~/.osmocom
cd ~/.osmocom
touch ~/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg
touch ~/.osmocom/osmo-bts.cfg

0x03 Build Cellular Infrastructure

3.1 Clone

git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://

3.2 Download and run build script

chmod 777
sudo bash

h3. Run BTS

Terminal 1:

osmo-nitb -c ~/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg -l ~/.osmocom/hlr.sqlite3 -P -C --debug=DRLL:DCC:DMM:DRR:DRSL:DNM

Terminal 2:

telnet localhost 4242

OpenBSC> show version
OpenBSC (OpenBSC).
Copyright (C) 2008-2016 Harald Welte, Holger Freyther
Contributions by Daniel Willmann, Jan Lübbe, Stefan Schmidt
Dieter Spaar, Andreas Eversberg, Sylvain Munaut, Neels Hofmeyr

License AGPLv3+: GNU AGPL version 3 or later <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


Configuring the ip.access nano3G


IP: (With WiFi)



3G Access Point


cd openbsc/openbsc/src/ipaccess
cd openbsc/openbsc/build-2G/src/ipaccess

sudo ./abisip-find 

telnet 3G Access Point's IP 8090

ssh -oKexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 root@

init3@0xroot:~/osm/openbsc/openbsc/src/ipaccess$ ./ipaccess-config --help
ipaccess-config (C) 2009-2010 by Harald Welte and others

Usage: ipaccess-config IP_OF_BTS
Commands for writing to the BTS:
-u --unit-id UNIT_ID Set the Unit ID of the BTS
-o --oml-ip IP Set primary OML IP (IP of your BSC)
-i --ip-address IP/MASK Set static IP address + netmask of BTS
-g --ip-gateway IP Set static IP gateway of BTS
-r --restart Restart the BTS (after other operations)
-n --nvram-flags FLAGS/MASK Set NVRAM attributes
-S --nvattr-set FLAG Set one additional NVRAM attribute
-U --nvattr-unset FLAG Set one additional NVRAM attribute
-l --listen TESTNR Perform specified test number
-L --Listen TEST_NAME Perform specified test
-s --stream-id ID Set the IPA Stream Identifier for OML
-d --software FIRMWARE Download firmware into BTS

Miscellaneous commands:
-h --help this text
-H --HELP Print parameter details.
-f --firmware FIRMWARE Provide firmware information
-w --write-firmware This will dump the firmware parts to the filesystem. Use with -f.
-p --loop Loop the tests executed with the --listen command.

init3@0xroot:~/osm/openbsc/openbsc/src/ipaccess$ ./ipaccess-proxy --help
Usage: ipaccess-proxy [options]
 ipaccess-proxy is a proxy BTS.
 -h --help. This help text.
 -l --listen IP. The ip to listen to.
 -b --bsc IP. The BSC IP address.
 -g --gprs IP. Take GPRS NS from that IP.

 -s --disable-color. Disable the color inside the logging message.
 -e --log-level number. Set the global loglevel.
 -T --timestamp. Prefix every log message with a timestamp.
 -V --version. Print the version of OpenBSC.

Femto Config

coming soon

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