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h1. Accelerate3g5 -- unrznbl

h2. Participants

Just one: <>.

I camp on freenode IRC #osmocom so feel free to get on there and ask a question. Might take a day or two for someone to reply but if you stay on they usually will answer.

h2. Goals

* Help with documentation, testing, troubleshooting via email/irc.
* Research and develop 3G baseband on mediatek chips
* Test postmarketos/ofono on Moto E (surnia) and LG Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
* Play around with qualcomm quectel modules

h2. Details

* debian linux
* EC20 module
* iPhone 4
* various other 3G+ phones to test with
* ZTE Obsidian phone - MT6735 - GSM, UMTS, GPRS, HSPA+, HSUPA, TD-SCDMA, EVDO, LTE Cat 4 (based on

h2. Journal

* 04/10/2020
** wrote some CFEngine policy to setup raspberry pi as nitb
** struggled with NTP issues for a while but finally after some good config and a nano3g reboot things are connected!
** trying to make calls/send SMS fails right now. Will email mailing list with logs and config to get some clues
** really need this network to support my testing of ofono on postmarketos on hammerhead (LG Nexus 5) and my fork of termux-api which supports sms/mms
** plan on trying to find some open source MMS gateway to integrate with osmocom nitb (as mentioned previous update)
** will try and publish the CFEngine policy and write a blog post about the experience

** restarting my efforts to use this setup. Working on a raspberry pi with packages to setup 3g network for
** wireless connectivity between a kindle DX and other devices in the home
** testing sms/mms/group/image/attachements with my hack for command line support in termux android app:
*** will need to find something for MMS on the backend
** hope to have 2-3 devices working with linux/ofono/postmarketos to test with
*** hammerhead
*** surnia (MSM8916 supports mainline but needs device support)
*** Alcatel Go Flip (4044W, MSM8909), will work on after surnia mainline is done
** haven't even worked on 2G mediatek baseband/re lately so will tackle that FIRST before getting into 3G

* 10/31/2018 - rebuilt all NITB sources, configured DHCP, NTPD, got ip.access nano3g connected to nitb laptop and able to register phones on network. sms/calls don't work yet. Phones get kicked off periodically.

* 04/19/2017 - built all required projects with a few warnings and details
* TODO - take build notes and suggest changes in docs, fix warnings in builds?
* TODO - finish setting up and run the network
* TODO - test voice, text, data
* TODO - leverage fernly mediatek bootloader and various mediatek baseband sources to create 3G baseband, osmocom-bb?
* TODO - setup EC20 modules and test

h2. Code (can boot a simple firmware that only spits out a bit of data on the USB serial port on fernvale)
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