Nightly Builds

sysmocom has setup package builds for the current master version of the Osmocom GSM related software. The packages are built for various Linux distributions, find the complete list here.

NOTE: USE NIGHTLY BUILDS ONLY FOR DEVELOPMENT/TESTING. The Latest_Builds are a more stable alternative.

The Osmocom jenkins builds source packages once a day and uploads them to the Open(SUSE) Build Service (OBS).

The OBS page is at

A nice status overview on the builds is available at

How to use the osmocom:nightly builds

Debian based distributions

The download repositories are at:

For example, adding the repository to your Debian 10 system:

$ sudo su
# wget 
# sha256sum Release.key
b5e2c1df9ff80bc73dd00a0c153ef308e7ec643ddb859e69789fcd4a9b1893d3  Release.key
# apt-key add Release.key
# rm Release.key
# echo "deb ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/osmocom-nightly.list
# apt-get update
# exit

RPM based distributions

Example for CentOS_8, adjust it as necessary for other distributions as found here.

$ sudo su
# wget
# sha256sum network:osmocom:nightly.repo
71cf8a1f6d84b3ddc279fc816e85205f8c8bb3c8a4c941646da5ae90adfe3988  network:osmocom:nightly.repo
# mv network:osmocom:nightly.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
# exit

As soon as you try to install a package from the Osmocom repository (e.g. dnf install osmo-hlr), dnf will import the repositories GPG key as defined in the .repo file (repomd.xml.key), download the repository index and finally install the Osmocom packages.

How are those builds created?

See for corresponding build job.

The script at is used to
  • obtain a current clone of the respective git repository
  • check out the current master in that repository
  • build debian source packages
  • upload them to the OBS network:osmocom:nightly sub-project.

It's possible to reproduce the nightly builds locally using

$ osc co
$ osc build

To test local changes with one can create local packages the same way jenkins job above does:

$ gbp buildpackage -S -uc -us --git-ignore-new --git-export-dir=/tmp

and then repeat build steps outlined above for local build.

E-Mail Notifications of build failures

Build failure notifications are sent to the gerrit-log mailing list


In case you have trouble reaching, you can try as a base URL.

Historical Archives / Older Packages

If you are interested in a historical archive of previous / older packages, you can find it at - it contains a daily mirror of the entire network:osmocom: OBS hierarchy, including the nightly builds. The full URL e.g. for Raspbian 10 of April 22nd, 2021 would be

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