Overall Roadmap

This is the general direction in which we would like the Osmocom Cellular Infrastructure projects to move. None of this will of course happen without significant contribution and/or funding:


  • more systematic generation + reporting of alarms over Abis OML #1615
  • communication of BTS specific capabilities/features towards BSC (via Abis extension) to avoid BTS/BSC config mismatches #1614


  • BSC/MSC split: Real A interface with BSSAP/BSSMAP between MSC and BSC
  • Support of 3GPP A-over-IP in addition to current non-standard IPA
  • multiplex / SCCPlite
  • Alarm handling
    • generation of Alarms inside the BSC
    • aggregation/forwarding of Alarms received from Abis
    • reporting of alarms via control interface·
    • control interface / SNMP proxy for alarm -> trap conversion #1590
  • Move all media processing (TRAU frames, RTP) to separate MGW daemon, controlled via MGCP #61
  • late assignment instead of very early assignment #1778
  • A5/3 support #75 (BTS supports it, we just need to enable it based on MS capability)

Core Network

  • BSC/MSC split: Real A interface with BSSAP/BSSMAP between MSC and BSC #1594
  • externalize the HLR+AUC from the NITB (osmo-gsup-hlr) #1711, #1591, #1592, #30,
  • support for UMTS AKA over GERAN #1711
  • support of SMS delivery via GPRS #1587
  • support of combined CS/PS attach (2G and 3G) #1599 #1583
  • support of inter-BSC hand-over (after BSC/MSC split) #1609
  • support of inter-MSC hand-over (after HLR+AUC externalization)
  • Real A interface (MTP2/MTP3/SCCP)
  • Move all media processing (TRAU frames, RTP) to separate MGW daemon, controlled via MGCP
  • Local Call, Local Switching #1602
  • External interface to HLR #1643
  • External interface for USSD #1597
  • Generation of accounting/billing data #1596

SIP Interface (osmo-sip-connector

3G/3.5G related

  • Iu-CS and Iu-PS interface over M3UA (as specified in 3GPP), not just SUA (current implementation) #1595, #1589
  • test/validate mobility between multiple hNodeB/smallcells
  • hand-over between multiple hNodeB/smallcells
  • Iu-CS/Iu-PS validation against RNCs
  • Iuh validation against more hNodeB/smallcell vendors
  • inter-RAT mobility (2G <-> 3G) #1588
  • network with simultaneous 2G and 3G/3.5G cells


  • more complete EGPRS implementation for uplink and downlink
  • multi-slot uplink support
  • PTCCH support (TA loop for fast moving MS) #1526, #1545
  • closed loop power control #1546
  • EC-GSM-IoT support #1780

Build and Test infrastructure

  • more mature osmo-gsm-tester setup
    • have osmo-gsm-tester do full end-to-end regression testing on every
      commit or every night
    • develop test cases for MO-Call, MT-Call, Hold/Retrieve, USSD,
      SMS-in-Call, hand-over, etc.
    • not only functional testing, but performance testing (time to deliver
      N SMS)
    • GPRS/EGPRS testing
      • (single-MS ul/dl throughput, multi-MS ul/dl throughput) #1544
      • mobility between different BTS/PCUs
    • testing against different modems (different baseband processr,
      protocol stack)


  • VTYv2: Externalize VTY + config management #1601 #1613 #1600
    • shared daemon that manages a MIB and offers VTY + control interface
      to access that MIB
    • individual programs just access that config daemon via well-defined
    • preferably with transactions, roll-back
    • avoid hand-written code for parsing individual VTY commands
    • avoid duplicate code for VTY + Control interface


  • provide one conscise set of tutorials/howto's as opposed to fragmented and duplicated, outdated information in wiki #1719
  • regularly update user manuals and reference manuals