This is a group of Osmocom programs implementing cellular network infrastructure components for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and their associated interfaces and protocol stacks.

This includes components for classic circuit-switched GSM:

  • The OpenBSC project with its sub-projects
    • OsmoNITB implementing a minimal network-in-the-box with Abis/IP interface
    • OsmoBSC implementing an IP-based GSM Base Station Controller with Abis/IP and A interface
  • The OsmoBTS project, implementing a GSM Base Transceiver Station

As well as the following components for GPRS/EDGE networks:

  • The OsmoPCU project, implementing a GPRS Packet Control Unit with Gb/IP interface
  • The OsmoSGSN project, impleenting a Serving GPRS Support Node with Gb/IP and GTP
  • The OpenGGSN project, implementing a Gateway GPRS Support Node

Further projects related to UMTS/HSPA networks:

  • The OsmoHNBGW project, implementing a HomeNodeB-Gateway with Iuh, Iu-CS and Iu-PS

Auto-generated list of immediate sub-projects:

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Latest news

Outreachy project selects Osmocom Debian Packaging
Added by laforge about 1 month ago

Osmocom "latest" binary packages for Debian + Ubuntu
Osmocom now offers an osmocom:latest package feed with Ubuntu + Debian packages of the latest tagged releases of all Osmocom cellular infrastructure software
Added by laforge about 2 months ago

Virtual Um layer between BTS and MS
Osmocom introduces BTS with virtual Um layer between BTS and MS for testing
Added by laforge 5 months ago

Upcoming Osmocom talks at OpenCellular Workshop in Nairobi (1 comment)
Upcoming Osmocom talks at OpenCellular Workshop in Nairobi on June 19/20, 2017.
Added by laforge 7 months ago

Osmocom 3G and 2G Now Support Milenage Authentication (1 comment)
UMTS AKA support in Osmocom adds Milenage mutual authentication, a missing piece to the puzzle, but also has some profound changes to Osmocom code and administration in its wake.
Added by neels 9 months ago

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