This is a group of Osmocom programs implementing cellular network infrastructure components for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and their associated interfaces and protocol stacks.

This includes components for classic circuit-switched GSM:

  • OsmoBTS implementing a GSM Base Transceiver Station
    • optionally together with OsmoTRX to implement the GSM physical layer on a Software Defined Radio
  • OsmoBSC implementing an IP-based GSM Base Station Controller with Abis/IP and 3GPP AoIP interface
  • OsmoMSC implementing an IP based GSM and UMTS Mobile Switching Center with 3GPP AoIP and Iu-CS interface
  • OsmoHLR implementing a minimalistic HLR compatible only with OsmoMSC
  • OsmoSTP implementing a minimalistic Signal Transfer Point for M3UA, SUA and SCCPlite
  • OsmoNITB, our legacy implementation a minimal network-in-the-box with Abis/IP interface

As well as the following components for GPRS/EDGE networks:

  • The OsmoPCU project, implementing a GPRS Packet Control Unit with Gb/IP interface
  • The OsmoSGSN project, impleenting a Serving GPRS Support Node with Gb/IP, Iu-PS and GTP
  • The OpenGGSN project, implementing a Gateway GPRS Support Node

Further projects related to UMTS/HSPA networks:

  • The OsmoHNBGW project, implementing a HomeNodeB-Gateway with Iuh, Iu-CS and Iu-PS


For a list of videos from conferences about our activities, please see Videos_of_Presentations

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TCC Project Members: 9muir, daniel, dexter, hsiedler, kashif, laforge, lynxis, mschramm, msuraev, neels, osmith, pespin, roh, stsp

sysmocom team: daniel, dexter, Hoernchen, hsiedler, laforge, lynxis, maike, mschramm, msuraev, neels, osmith, pespin, roh, steviehs, stsp, tsaitgaist, zecke

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Binary packages for Raspbian 9
Osmocom now offers binary packages for Raspbian 9
Added by laforge 4 months ago

New Osmocom Cellular software versions released!
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New Osmocom Cellular software versions released!
Added by laforge about 1 year ago

Osmocom nightly + latest feeds for Ubuntu 18.04
Osmocom package feeds for Ubuntu 18.04
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Newspaper article on Osmocom based GSM networks in Mexico
German newspaper article about how Rhizomatica uses Osmocom to provide telephony to rural communities in Oaxaca, Mexico
Added by laforge over 1 year ago

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