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laforge, 11/25/2016 02:08 PM

mPCIe WWAN modem USB breakout board

This is a small break-out board for miniPCIe (mPCIe) type cellular / WWAN modems.

It allows you to insert a mPCIe modem from any vendor, and it will provide you with:

  • mini USB socket for connection to a USB Host (like your PC/Laptop or Embedded System)
  • 5V DC input for power supply (USB supply usually insufficient for a modem)
  • all unused mPCIe pins on a 2.54mm break-out header
  • SIM card slot for a 2FF-sized SIM, USIM or RUIM card

Particularly the break-out header is useful to get access to various signals exported in a non-standard fashion by some modem models, such as digital audio PCM.


Design Files, Schematics, Component Placement

The design was done in EAGLE and the design files can be found in the mpcie-breakout directory of osmo-small-hardware.git (git://

PDF renderings of schematics and component placement are attached to this page.

Where to buy

If you would like to buy a fully-assembled version of this board, you can order it from

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