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The Siemens BS-11 is a relatively small [wiki:GSM] [wiki:BTS], sometimes known as Siemens microBTS.

It was originally developed and manufactured by OTE in Firenze, Italy. The entire product was then later sold to Siemens SBS.

The BS-11 is available in a variety of configurations. Variations include

  • power supply * AC power supply 110/220V * 48V DC power supply
  • number of [wiki:TRX] * one TRX * two TRX
  • each of the TRX can be located in different bands * GSM900 * GSM1800

The uplink of the BS-11, much like most BTS, is a E1 / PCM30 interface, with the [Abis] protocol on top.

Original Documentation to the BS-11 is only available under NDA.

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