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roh, 09/07/2020 05:24 PM

osmo-ccid-firmware testbed


There is a testbed designed for CI and longterm tests of the osmo-ccid-firmware. Contrary to the integration tests in TTCN3, this is a setup with real hardware.

the jenkins job is called

  • 1x host running debian 10 buster
  • 1x sysmoOCTSIM board
  • 1x usb-gpiocard with 2 relays, one connected to the force-dfu-button, one one the dc powerline. (usb)

Actual tests

  • check rig (test for relayboard presence)
  • test flashing by forcing dfu mode
  • test lsusb output in app mode
  • test lsusb output in forced dfu mode.
  • test flashing from app mode
  • test output from 2 simcards

for details please check the source for these tests in the /tests subdir of this repository.

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