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roh, 09/07/2020 05:29 PM

osmo-ccid-firmware testbed


There is a testbed designed for CI and longterm tests of the osmo-ccid-firmware. Contrary to the integration tests in TTCN3, this is a setup with real hardware.

the jenkins job is called

  • 1x host running debian 10 buster
  • 1x sysmoOCTSIM board
  • 1x usb-gpiocard with 2 relays, one connected to the force-dfu-button, one one the dc powerline. (usb)

Actual tests

  • check rig (test for relayboard presence)
  • test flashing by forcing dfu mode
  • test lsusb output in app mode
  • test lsusb output in forced dfu mode.
  • test flashing from app mode
  • test output from 2 simcards

the hardware is physically reset and repowered multiple times to run these tests. the firmware used is downloaded from

for details please check the source for these tests in the /tests subdir of this repository.

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