The Osmocom Signal Transfer Point is a SS7 Transfer Point implementing MTP routing as well as SIGTRAN SG (Signaling Gateway) functionality.

The program is currently part of the libosmo-sccp git repository, as it is basically just a small main loop + VTY interface wrapped around the libosmo-sigtran code.

SIGTRAN protocol support

OsmoSTP supports all transport protocols implemented in [[libosmo-sigtran:]]. At time of this writing (October 2017), this includes:
  • SCTP + M3UA + SCCP
  • SCTP + SUA
  • IPA + SCCP (experimental

We're looking for contributions/funding to add more protocols like M2UA, M2PA

traffic mode support

OsmoSTP currently only implements override and doesn't implement the load-share or broadcast traffic modes. Contributions in whatever form are welcome.

Position in a typical Osmocom cellular network


The OsmoSTP user manual has not been written yet. Once written, it will be released at where the other Osmocom cellular network manuals are published. If you'd like to help us by donating time or funds towards the creation of a manual, let us know.