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laforge, 02/19/2016 10:52 PM
pic to controller pcb

PageOutline = BR Controller (CAE010CMX) =

This is s small PowerPC based embedded system. It communicates with the TETRA Site Controller (TSC) over 10-Base-2 Ethernet and controls all the other units of the Base Radio via the backplane of the BR cabinet.

It has the following connections:

  • RS-232 on the back of the BR * RS-232 on the front of the BR * Site Alarm I/O on the back of the BR * 10-Base-2 Ethernet on the back of the BR (BNC) * Clock input on the back of the BR (BNC)

Image(tetra_br_controller_pcb.jpg, 66%)


=== boot loader ===
There is a bootloader pre-installed in the Base Radio.

=== radio application ===
It seems like the BR Controller is downloading its software via the Ethernet link from the [[wiki:Dimetra_EBTS/Site_Controller]]

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