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11:02 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Wiki edit: Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites (#27)


09:31 PM OsmoBTS Bug #3702: osmo-bts-sysmo crash
On a related note - we don't have tests for llist_* functions in libosmocore. It might make sense to add couple of ba...
09:29 PM OsmoBTS Bug #3702 (Feedback): osmo-bts-sysmo crash
Hit the following with latest nightly sysmocom-core-image-sysmobts-v2-20181121054638.rootfs.ubi on sysmobts:...


01:41 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature #3699 (New): merge Debian patches
There're numerous patches from Debian developers available via:
01:35 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3659: LCLS directly between BTSs
Almost all related libosmocore code is merged (except for gerrit 11703), TTCN-3 tests for RSL MDCX are merged but wil...
01:22 PM OsmoTRX Bug #2344: OsmoTRX is not using SCHED_RR
On somewhat related note: I've noticed that when I run osmo-trx manually on my system as a user, it fails to set SCHE...
01:16 PM OsmoPCU Bug #2890: OsmoPCU TTCN-3 test suite not executed by jenkins
The trivial patch to enable this is available in
However this requir...
09:30 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #2728 (Stalled): Align better with 48.103 for AoIP user plane
09:30 AM OsmoMSC Bug #3187: rx cipher mode reject from BSS broken
Patches for libosmocore and osmo-msc were merged. Remaining bits:
* add TTCN3 tests checking related counters


12:17 PM OsmocomBB Wiki edit: FakeTRX (#24)

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